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Ten States Now Offer Universal School Choice With Tuition Assistance

ORLANDO, FL – Universal school choice programs are spreading across the nation as many states have enacted or expanded their programs in 2023. Last week, North Carolina became the seventh state this year, and the 10th state overall, to approve a universal school choice program that allows all students in the state to receive tuition assistance to pay for private school tuition, and in some states, homeschooling expenses. 

School choice programs expand educational options for parents looking for alternatives to the public school system. While programs vary from state to state, they can involve educational savings accounts, refundable tax credits, or vouchers to help parents cover the cost of a private education for their children.

The 10 states currently offering K-12 “universal” school choice are ArizonaArkansasFloridaIndianaIowaNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaUtah, and West Virginia
In addition, eight other states have recently expanded school choice options, including AlabamaKansasMontanaNebraskaNew HampshireSouth CarolinaTennessee, and Wisconsin.

Taking these recent expansions into account, school choice tracking data suggests 20 million K-12 students in the nation––or 36 percent of all students––now reside in a state with universal school choice.

The rise in school choice allows families to leave the public school system behind for private school or homeschooling options. For example, Covenant Journey Academy offers families a biblically integrated alternative to an on-campus classroom.

CJA is a full-service K-12 online Christian Academy that is available to anyone around the world 24/7/365 with more than 150 courses all taught by certified teachers. CJA offers weekly rolling enrollment and self-paced options. CJA also offers six languages, including Spanish, French, Latin, German, Chinese, and American Sign Language. 
A variety of tuition discounts are available, including Early Payment Discount, Multi-Child Discount, Military Discount, Pastor/Missionary Discount, First Responder/Healthcare Personnel Discount, and Approved Non-Profit Organization Discount. Each discount offers a five percent savings on full-time tuition. Discounts are not stackable, except for the Early Payment Discount which can be used with one other discount.  In addition to homeschool, CJA also provides private Christian School Affiliation options.
Christian School Affiliation Options

CJA provides all courses online, including promotional and marketing materials, and handles everything from enrollment to course completion for all its courses.
The Cross-Promotion option is totally online with no onsite use of the organization’s facilities. The Facilitation, School Enhancement, and Custom New School options are hybrid models wherein an organization provides onsite facilities and CJA provides all or a portion of the K-12 courses online.

Cross-Promotion Affiliate ProgramThe Cross-Promotion option provides a revenue share for your organization or a discount for those who enroll under your organization. This option does not include onsite facilities.

Your organization promotes and encourages students to enroll in CJA’s Christian academy. CJA includes your organization as part of our Affiliate promotion program on its website. 

Facilitation Affiliate ProgramThe Facilitation option allows your organization to host students in your facilities during the school day along with a Facilitator who chaperones the students, supervises the school day, and provides any other activities. You provide the room. CJA provides the school. 

The Facilitator does not have to be a licensed teacher since all courses are provided by CJA.

You can immediately launch a one-room schoolhouse where students can be in one or more rooms with a Facilitator. Each student is taught independently at their own pace with CJA online courses.

School Enhancement Affiliate ProgramExpand your existing school with CJA courses. The School Enhancement option allows your school to supplement its course offerings. 
If you already have a K-5 school, combining the Facilitation option with the School Enhancement option, you can add grades 6-12. Or, if you have a K-12 school, your course offerings can be supplemented by one or more CJA courses. 

CJA has many courses to supercharge and expand your Christian school. 
Custom New School Affiliate ProgramIf your organization wants to launch its own private school, this Custom School Affiliation option may be for you. CJA can partner with you to help make this dream a reality. CJA can provide some or all of your courses online along with our certified teachers.

This option has several variables and will differ state-by-state. 

CJA provides a superior learning experience built upon the foundation of a Christian worldview with the vision to empower courageous generations of highly skilled people thoroughly grounded in a Christian worldview to transform the culture.

At CJA, students are taught to critically think and reason based on the foundation of a biblical worldview.

Founder and Chancellor Mat Staver said, “School choice allows parents more flexibility to choose the best education for their children. While the public education system is mired in controversy, Covenant Journey Academy can be a solution to the education crisis. Covenant Journey Academy brings high-quality private school education into homes and private schools around the world.”

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