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The City Of Casper Having To Shut Water Off to Many Whom Have Not Paid Their Bill

The City of Casper Wyoming is in a financial crunch and is forced to start the “pay your bill” campaign that encourages property owners or renters to pay their water bills that are 15 days overdue. The city can no longer carry those individuals or businesses that have not paid their water bills over the last two years due to the so call Covid-19 virus scare.

Casper has been in a “pause” mode during the Covid-19 pandemic, but now is starting to shut off water utilities to those who owe a balance over 15 days. If a person’s water is shut off, they will have to pay a $20.00 reconnection fee Rachel Bouzis IFO Officer, stated to the Wyoming News.

The city would rather work with residents and businesses than shut their water off but the City needs the bills to be paid. If a family is having financial problems there are several places they can go to get the assistance that is needed. They are as follows:

Community Action Partnership, (307) 232-0124; Interfaith of Natrona County, (307) 235-8043 and the Salvation Army, (307) 234-2002.

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