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The Following Cody and Powell Individuals Were Arrested Over the Weekend

January 27, 28, & 29, 2023 ARRESTS:
01/27/23 Philip W Wells, Cody, 24, Arrested for DUI – Alcohol & Controlled Substance – 1st Off W/In 10 Yrs, Fail to Signal & Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle, (Incident #2301270006)

01/27/23 Tara N Hilzendeger, Cody, 52, Arrested for Warrant, (Incident #2301270028)

01/28/23 Dustin R Fry, Powell, 35, Arrested for DUI – 1st Off W/In 10 Yrs & Careless Driving, (Incident#2301280001)

01/29/23 Renee A Nash, Cody, 58, Arrested for DUI – 1st Off W/In 10 Yrs, Fail to Signal & Drive on Right Side of Roadway, (Incident #2301290005)

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