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The temperatures in the Lovell, Cody, Powell, Frannie, and Greybull areas Dealing with -40 degree weather from the wind chills factored in.

Many of the Roads have been closed down, including 14A, which runs from Cody to Lovell, Wyoming, caused by blizzard conditions that created whiteout conditions making it impossible to drive and see beyond 20 feet in front of your vehicle at times.  

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol Department, the highway from Powell, Wyoming, to Deaver, Wyoming, including Greybull, Wyoming, to Frannie, Wyoming, and on to Cody, Wyoming, has also been closed due to lack of visibility for driving conditions.

According to the Park County Sheriff’s Department: Park County Sheriff’s Office

“The Wyoming Department of Transportation has closed Highway 114 between Powell and Deaver and Highway 310 from Frannie to Greybull. Highway 14-16-20 E between Greybull and Cody is now closed, and Highway 14A between Powell and Lovell remains closed. Plow crews are struggling to see and get plowing done. All county roads are still marked for NO unnecessary travel as well. Please remain home for your safety and the safety of first responders.”

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