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These Last Few Years Have Been Challenging For All

For those who have up to now been buried in their own world of daily chores and family
rituals, this new stringent, rule ridden fear zone is quite terrifying.

For those of us who noticed the fences being built and slowly retreating inward to the center,
this is not a surprise. We have been called “Chicken Littles” for calling in the alarms and
“Conspiracy Theorists” but now as the fencing is closing in on us all, the name calling has

The ‘fear’ of and from those who ‘built’ these fences is intentional. “Unknowns” are being
presented as ‘absolutes’ which change daily. The ‘builders’ need the people to be ‘off-
balanced’ and ‘afraid.’ The ‘builders’ want to be in control of everything, from birth to death,
from conception to manipulation. Those ‘behind the scenes’ are not afraid, they know the
plan. From the scare tactics in the medias both social and mainstream to the quiet innuendos in daily products and in education.

If you look for it, it is very obvious, if you are busy living life, working, raising a family, you generally do not look too closely because when you were
growing up there were ‘good’ people in charge who wanted ‘good’ things for all of our
citizens not just special privileges for the few. The dynamics have reversed today.
Today, those who write the narrative have shifted History, the rules, the outcomes, …

Those of us who have been paying attention, understand that without a massive
‘awakening’ our entire world will be lost. It does not necessarily require ‘civil war’ at this
point, but if we continue to do ‘nothing’ that is where we will ultimately arrive. The numbers
are not as they seem to be presented. In the latest ‘plague’ 99% of those who contract it,
survive, that is if they avoid US hospitals where a questionable protocol is being utilized to
ensure that death rates are high there – to inflict more fear I suspect. While, there are tens of
thousands of medical personnel crying out that there is a safer and cheaper preventative, they have been stifled, fired, and ridiculed in the ‘social’ medias. These experienced medical personnel do not ‘help the cause’ in the total control of the world and those who own the ‘media’ ensure their voices are not heard. Do some research while you can before these people are ‘erased’ like our history is being ‘erased.’

For those of us fortunate enough to have known World War II survivors, we understand. The
power of propaganda is immense. Watching just the radical change of the last 30 years is
mind numbing. The Truth is being turned into a lie and the Lie is being turned into the ‘truth.’
Our Bibles warned us of this and instructed us to ‘not be afraid.’ We are to stay the Path, keep the Truth and remember to whom we owe our lives, our souls and our eternity. Being taught by the Prophets that at the end of times, many will be led astray and turmoil will be within our own families.

Thinking that we have taught those we love about these things, we understand our failing when those we love turn and strike us.

Those we thought that we taught to Love others as God Loves us, are becoming hateful, bias,destructive, spiteful and willing ignorant. They are accusatory of others for the crimes they themselves are committing. Blindly serving that which is self satisfying and harmful to others. Our loved ones spew hateful comments to strangers who will not tow the latest media propaganda.

Many of us who love and studied history are watching the nightmares of the power of the
‘press’ and the tactics of the Globalists who destroyed many countries and murdered many
people in years gone by that are coming back into our world. The United States of America,
the once shining city on a hill, where all peoples everywhere in the world wished to relocate
to because all people were free to pursue their dreams regardless of their origin. That country is still here, for the moment, because people around the world still wish to be here rather than where they are at present.

My wish? My wish for all of us, is to have more USAs around the world so that all people
everywhere could pursue their dreams. For all countries around the world to be ‘free.’ Free
to choose their leaders, free to have personal property and all the other freedoms that our
Forefathers established for us in our US Constitution where they formed a Republic
Government by and for the People. If we the People continue to stand by and allow those
who steal our country from us to do so and not hold them accountable to the Laws we
established in this great Republic to uphold it, then we will lose all of our freedoms.
May God Almighty strengthen us with His Holy Spirit that we do His will in this and all that
we do for the rest of our lives.
Robert and Robin Berry
Cody Wyoming

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