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Unmask our kids in LCSD1

Dear Friends,

Please contact the entire LCSD1 School Board and ask them to vote to unmask our kids. There will likely be a vote tomorrow night, Monday, January 10th. Meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.

Two things have to happen:

Email (please be one of hopefully dozens to email): THIS IS HUGE! The Teachers Union has been super loud and they are rallying their troops to inundate the Board to keep our kids masked. If you do nothing else, take a minute and email this Board and ask them politely to unmask our kids.

Their emails are as follows: roseann.millionrinne@laramie1.org, marguerite.herman@laramie1.org, richwiederspahen@laramie1.org, alicia.smith@laramie1.org, Brittany.ashby@laramie1.org, tim.bolin@laramie1.org, Christy.klaassen@laramie1.orgZ
FYI, the three members who were most verbally against unmasking our kids at last Tuesday’s LCS1 work session on the issue were: Marguerite Herman, Roseann Rinne and Rich Wiederspahn. Please note that none of them have kids attending school in the district and ALL OF THEM ARE UP FOR REELECTION.
FYI, the three member who were for unmasking our kids were: Alicia Smith (sponsor of the work session), Christy Klaassen, and Tim Bolin.

2. Show up (in person):

The Board meeting is tomorrow at 6 p.m. in the Boardroom of Storey Gym located at 2811 House Ave. EASY TO FIND. Go in like you are going to a game and hang a left just past the bathrooms. We need to pack that room full with pro-freedom and pro-child advocates.. Please stand up for our kids or they’ll be masked until at least mid to late spring if not until school gets out.


Darin Smith

Let’s Take Our State and Country Back!

​Darin D. Smith

Managing Member, The Smith Group Law Office, LLC

O: 307.477-0700

e: darin@smithgrouplaw.com

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