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Vincent Vanata Pestered Due To Being Catholic And Conservative

Long-time Cody resident Vincent Edward Vanata was harassed and attempted intimidation tactics because he holds to a solid conservatism ideological line and that he is of a Catholic background. Apparently that makes him a bad man, according to Mr. Rex Dewey Vanderhoff.

According to a TRO that was filed by Vincent Edward Vanata, Vanata wanted to stop the Respondent Rex Dewey Vanderhaff, aka Dewey Vanderhoff, with a “Stalking Order” due to his strange radical behavior, according to Vincent Edward Vanata.

For example: the “Stalking” perpetrated by Dewey Vanderhoff has been going on since May 11, 2021, and has gotten steadily worse. Even to the point of becoming directed towards Vanata personally.

Vanderhoff was accused of engaging in and e-mail campaign that harassed Vanata despite Vanata asking Vanderhoff to quit. Vanata even sent emails to Vanderhoff asking politely to stop his stalking and his continued harassment of him.

Vanderhoff let’s every know that he “hates” President Donald Trump, and if any one likes President Donald Trump, Vanderhoff has a history of becoming difficult for those who believe differently than he does.

On July 9, 2021, Vanderhoff sent “unsolicited derogatory emails to Vanata. Vanderhoff had sent Vanata a picture of President Trump and in the email Vanderhoff alluded to the fact that he was looking for Vanata at a recent “Freedom Celebration that was held in Cody Wyoming. Vanata once again responded and asked Vanderhoff on July 9, 2021, to leave him alone and that he did not wish to receive correspondence from him, and to remove Vanata from his email list.

Vanderhoff then mistakenly asserts that Vanata’s email address is a public email address and that he, Vanata, “should be thankful he choose to skip the meetings.” This was nothing but a veiled physical threat to harm Vanata, or to intimidate Vanata, or to cause undue stress for Vanata. Veiled as the threat was, it was clearly a veiled threat of some degree against Vanata. According to Vanata, his email is a private email, of which Vanderhoff was using to email him.

It only gets worse.

Vanderhoff, indicated to others that he is a Democrat, on August 16, 2021; Vanderhoff takes his alleged harassment a step further. this time he started to attack Vanata personally, with such a viciousness by attacking Vanata with the fact that Vanata attended a Catholic School and attacked Vanata for “refusing to wear a mask.” and for “refusing to be vaccinated.”

Finally, after having to deal with the attacks, from this “Radical liberal Democrat,” Vanata took action and requested assistance from the Crisis Intervention Center in helping guide him while obtaining a “Stalking Protection Order.”

Vanata has been in contact with the Mountain West Technologies in Casper Wyoming. Mr. Jason Black was the person that Vanata spoke with and will assist Vanata. Mr Black requested to have a copy of some of the emails, which Vanata complied. In the emails it shows Vanderhoff using the domain name logos of Mountain West Technologies.

Mountain West Technologies was unavailable to be reached at the time of this publication.

Vanata states, ” At this point I have become genuinely concerned about Mr. Vanderhoff’s repeated efforts to harass me despite my reasonable requests to ask him to stop, and his intentional circumvention of my attempts to use technology to prevent his actions from impacting my peace. His endeavors have impacted my mental health conditions causing me to endure significant emotional distress. Quite frankly, I am concerned of how far he will go with his course of conduct.”

In another weird twist. The Wyoming News spoke to a local business woman that claims that she, too, has had freaky dealings with Vanderhoff. Her verbal complaints to the media were that Vanderhoff was always taking pictures of her even when she had asked him to refrain from disturbing her peace. In another case, yet another individual spoke to the Wyoming News and they also indicated that Vanderoff harasses them all the time. The Wyoming News looked for any common denominators and reached a simple conclusion. All three individuals are conservatives and Trump supporters.

Vanata wants Vanderhoff to “Just Leave him the hell alone.”

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