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What is going on with all the missing people in and around Wyo?

What is going on with all the missing people in and around Wyoming? All the missing individuals are within a tight time span frame from each other, coincidence? Or just unusual set of circumstances?

A missing woman in Park County 54-year-old Kristin Lee Anders is missing. She was last observed on December 6, 2021 in Park County, Wyoming. Kristen Anders is about 5’3”, 140 lbs, grey eyes and blonde hair. Underneath one of her eyes is a scar. Kristen Anders was last observed wearing a green-colored coat, blue jeans and white tennis shoes on her feet. Kristen carries a leather wallet that is black. According to Law Enforcement, Kristen Anders might drive around in a blue Toyota Rav4.

Two weeks ago, a Bighorn County resident also just vanished. 17-year-old Landon Lewis was last observed in Lovell, Wyoming, on or about December 17, 2021. Authorities suspect that Landon Lewis may be somewhere in Lovell or Cody, Wyoming, but as of this publishing, Law Enforcement is no closer to finding him than the day he went missing. Lewis is a minor.

In Hot Springs, County, 72-year-old Leland Morton suddenly vanished on or about December 13, 2021. Mr. Morton might drive his dark grey 2022 Dodge Ram-Truck. If you see a truck that fits that description, call 911 immediately. The Dodge Ram truck is an extended cab truck and has a front bumper that is a one piece bumper/grill guard which is painted the same color as the truck. Leland’s standing posture has a slight, hunched over stance. Leland Morton has grey hair and brown eyes and drives between Thermopolis and Cottonwood road for his work. Both the truck and Leland Morton have just vanished. If you see the truck or Morton, call 307-864-2622.

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