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Why Were The Park County 2020 ballots destroyed?

Park County residents Larry French and Boone Tidwell wanted the 2020 ballots hand counted, but to everyone’s surprise, they were destroyed. 

So why was the public not allowed to count them, one wonders?

The public, backing Larry French and Boone Tidwell and others, have indicated to the Wyoming News that counting the ballots was not to influence any election outcome.

 The reason was that over 3,000 individuals wanted to know if their ballots were counted or suppressed and if the ballot machines even worked properly.

French and Tidwell were trying to satisfy a lot of Park County voters who had expressed apprehension regarding if their votes counted with precise correctness.  

But again, the facts are that the voting ballots were destroyed days before they were scheduled for destruction.

This raised concerns from various parties as to why ballots were destroyed with what appeared to be done before anyone had a chance to hand count ballots proving that the ballot machines were accurate and that all votes had been accounted for and none suppressed.

Now even a larger group of individuals are looking cross-eyed at Park County County Attorney Brian Skoric, the Election Clerk, including the Park County Commissioners who oversaw the entire request denials to have the ballots hand counted.

Facts show that the 2020 ballots were destroyed without proper process.

According to French and Tidwell, this causes individual voters not to trust the machines.

Again Tidwell and French stated multiple times that all they wanted to do was to verify that the machines were correct. 

Finally, about six individuals met in April of 2021 and eventually approached the board.    

A mock setting was set up with High school students to count about 200 fake ballots.

The process took only 1. 30 sec per ballot count the 200 ballots.

So why not find out if the machines were valid? 

Or did Skoric and the County Commissioners claim that the machines were accurate, or was this false?

Or were the machines told to suppress about 3500 ballots?

Skoric wrote up a long-winded bullshit Statute letter that was enough to sedate an elephant with his mind-numbing empirical data that had no bearing on the Constitution, which trumps any statute. Yet, he made every attempt to scare the County Clerk and the County Commissioners not to allow the ballots to be hand counted, which would have proved that the machines were accurate like he claimed to the public.

 Or was the real reason that the machines could have suppressed 3500 ballots?  

Tidwell and French “just wanted to satisfy the question that does my ballot count.”

 At a meeting that took place in mid Feburary, the Wyoming Gov said, “good luck with the effort.”

 In May, 42 days later, Brian Skoric stated, ” the machines are told to do exactly what they are told to do.” 

  Ok, is it 5 or 5000? This was about proving that if the machines were perfect, great, yet the hand count request was blocked at every turn, which, if allowed, would have ultimately proven Brian Skoric was correct.   

Now the question remains, did Skoric have something to hide? Did Skoric have communication with the Democrat Party in Wyoming?  

So here we are in the middle of the lack of voter confidence in Park County; people do not have confidence in the voting machines. 

Is there a recourse Legislativley?

Boone Tidwell indicated to the Wyoming News that the machines have been an issue from the original hanging chad issues in the State of Florida.

Now other states are trying to hand-recount the ballots in their states. 

Did Brian Skoric communicate with a high-level Democrat State Official in Cheyenne, Wyoming? Someone with Party Democrat control?  

After Tidwell and French and a group of Park County citizens sent in multiple requests and received numerous denials back, regardless of the law stating that the ballots must be kept for 22 months until December 8, 2022. before being destroyed, yet the Park County Elected officials blocked every attempt.

The ballots were destroyed on December 6, 2022; by law, they should have been held until at least the 9. But two days prior, the ballots were destroyed. These elected Park County officials purposely destroyed the only evidence proving that the machines were correct and counted every ballot vote.  

Yet, instead of holding them within the required time frame, which is state law, everyone washed their hands of this.

No one wanted us to look at the physical evidence; why? French questioned.

According to a Wyoming News Source that has asked to remain anonymous, Skoric was being used to divert the public’s request to hand count the ballots, and Skoric eagerly complied.  

Skoric, during a Commissioner meeting, even indicated that he could bring criminal charges should anyone comply with allowing the voting ballots to be hand counted. 

Did Skoric talk to anyone at the Wyoming Democrat Central Committee? One wonders.

How deep does the corruption in Park County go? and how far up the corruption smoke chain is Park County Attorney Brian Skoric Smoking the political corruption dope?  

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  1. That Brian Skoric score is a jack ***. He needs to be locked up in jail with the same criminals he prosecutes. I never trusted that crook from the day he moved to Cody!

  2. Yea the rumors around town about Brian Skoric, the Park County Attorney, are that he is dirty and has connections to the local drug world.

  3. Well here we have corruption in the BBHC (Museum) and corruption in the Park County Attorneys office,. Welcome to the City of Cody Wyoming.👺

  4. If Wyo SOS escrows SSID’s, Wyoming Legislature can allow E-voting such as described:. therepill.us/index.php/2020. This algorithm provides voting integrity, makes election accounting publicly confirmed, while preserving voter privacy. The only reason not to implement is to allow for fraud to take place. Brian Skoric to you are a piece of low life garbage.

  5. Why is it that Democrats always get caught in their own poop? Skoric pretends to be an upright guy, but believe me his intentions and actions in the Park County Attorneys office indicate that Skoric is a piece of SHIT!

  6. Sadly the GOP men’s club gave these traitors the perfect opportunity to save themselves Had they allowed them to hand count the 2020 election they could have saved themselves from charges of treason. They destroyed the ballots the only piece of physical evidence available to prove their contention that the ES&S machines were perfect in spite of that fact cementing their complicity in their conspiracy to commit treason it appears that the men’s club gave them multiple opportunities to protect the Constitution and honor their sacred oath. They washed their hands of their responsibility and relied on another elected crook to advise them how much did they pay Skoric to cut their own throats?

  7. Park County Attorney, Brian A Skoric, you need to be jailed with the criminals. I have watched you over the years and you are nothing but a criminal who has yet to get caught. The day is coming, you will fall hard when your corruption is exposed! Shame on you Skoric.

  8. Yea I was at the Commish meeting where he was reading his “Statutes”. I think he is a woke Baboon who has antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, which is a mental disorder in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. That is what I think about Brian Skoric the Park County Attorney .

  9. Not only has Skoric given bad legal advise to the public about counting the 2020 ballots, he is a joke as a prosecutor. No one like him nor takes him serious.

  10. So Park County’s 2020 election was messed with just like the national election was messed with and on a local level, Brian Skoric, apparently has his hands deep into the bowels of the Democrat party.

  11. Merry Christmas to all my neighbors in Park County, except for County Attorney, Brian A. Skoric, who belongs in jail! He is so corrupt that he is rotten to the core.

  12. I googled Skoric’s name and low and behold his reputation is bad! Thanks Wyoming News for telling the public the truth about Skoric.

  13. Am not impressed with Park County Attorney, Brian A. Skoric’s actions. He is now trying to have the Wyo Supreme Court over rule Judge Joey Darrah so Skoric can continue to prosecute already proven, mentally unfit man for murder. Skoric is the one who needs to prosecuted.

  14. Park County Attorney, Brian A. Skoric is an election denier, who classifies himself as a Republican. He is just like Liz Cheney, full of SHIT!!!

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