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Wyoming 221-lbs Marijuana Bust In Carbon County Was Property Of Cartel De Sinola

Drugs were being transported across the state of Wyoming using Interstate 80 and had made it as far as Carbon County.

Sunday, a Wyoming Highway Patrol initiated a routine traffic stop at about 1:16 pm just shy of mile marker #263 located just west of the Wagonhound Rest Area. In a media press release, the WHP Trooper observed suspicious factors and heard inconsistent statements.

A second WHP Trooper was called to the traffic stop and released his K-9 dog named “Bailey” who sniffed the out side of the vehicle and alerted on it. Troopers proceeded to search the vehicle and discovered 221 lbs of Marijuana of which sources are telling the media that it was Sinola Cartel property being transported across the state of Wyoming on it’s way to unknown locations and buyers.

The driver of the vehicle was taken to the Carbon County jail and booked on felony possession of controlled substance, intent to distribute and failure to maintain a single lane of travel.

More information will be released once the Wyoming News reporters can run down several street sources.

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