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Wyoming GOP Responds To Cheney Rant

“Anytime Ms. Cheney wants to come and show us her “proof,” we’ll be here,…”

Below you’ll find a response from the Wyoming Republican Party to comments made by Representative Liz Cheney. Our Cheyenne office receives daily phone calls and emails regarding Ms. Cheney’s behavior as Wyoming’s lone Congressional Representative. She has not directly responded to citizens or the state party, instead choosing to publicly denounce the party and attack its leadership.

In addition, the liberal press rarely publishes press releases from the party. Hence, we share with our faithful email readers the following Wyoming GOP press release from January 7, 2022.


CHEYENNE, WYOMING – In light of Ms. Cheney’s recent rant attacking Republican party members and calling them “radicals,” we understand two straw polls will be held during the next SCC meeting on January 22nd: one to see who supports Ms. Cheney’s recent statement and who does not, and; a second one to determine who will be voting for Cheney, Hageman, Bouchard, and the other Republican candidates. Spoiler alert: the straw polls will very likely demonstrate the vast majority condemns her views and will be voting for someone else.

If Ms. Cheney wants to continue to pick a fight with the majority of Wyoming Republicans and accuse the vast majority of being deplorables and radicals, then of course she can continue that foolish ploy. She can also continue to engage in the politics of personal destruction with other Republicans – which is her specialty and only real qualification to sit on the farcical January 6th Commission – but that is unlikely to improve her position in the polls. CNN will not be able to sell that “deplorables” tripe in Wyoming and save Ms. Cheney from an embarrassing defeat.

Ms. Cheney is welcome to attend our January 22nd Republican Party meeting. We will have a chair waiting for her. We have invited her before, but she has not shown up. We don’t expect her to attend this time either since she practically has to sneak into the state unannounced to avoid picketers, protesters, and outraged constituents. In fact, her behavior suggests that she is afraid of her constituents. The Wyoming Republican Party is not. Anytime Ms. Cheney wants to come and show us her “proof,” we’ll be here, among Wyoming’s grassroots Republicans, who tell us that our Representative does not “represent” them. Further, any time she wants to debate Professor Dershowitz and explain how the professor is wrong, and she and her new Democrat friends did not violate President Trump’s constitutional rights six different ways with the rushed impeachment hoax, then we will arrange for that as well.


It is a sad thing to see an elected official so at odds with the state party that in person meetings are not the means of discussion. We regularly invite all elected officials to meetings of the State Central Committee. Once again, we extend an invitation to Representative Cheney to attend the upcoming meeting and discuss her actions with those she purports to represent.

The 2022 elections will be a challenge and potentially a turning point for our great nation. If you wish to see strong conservative Republican values continue in Wyoming, please consider contributing.

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