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Wyoming Rep. Landon Brown (R Cheyenne,) Re-election Bid Gone Off The Rails As Brown Supports Liz Cheney and The Radical Socialist Democrat Agendas

Cheyenne Wyoming man Rep Landon Brown is a RINO who wants to convince the voters to re-elect him for House District 9. Landon Brown has proven to the voters with vote after vote that he is NOT a conservative Republican, but a RINO who masquerades as a Republican but votes for the most radical Socialist Democrat agendas. It did not take long for insiders in Cheyenne to figure out that Rep Landon Brown has a forked political tongue.

Socialist Democrat Landon Brown, AKA: (R) Cheyenne RINO, rants and raves against President Donald J. Trump and wildly babbles in support of the most hated woman in Wyoming, Liz Cheney.

This is not the picture of a true conservative but the reality of a deranged Democrat masquerading as a Republican and at best, Landon Brown shows his fruits as a RINO, (a Republican in name only.)

Brown needs to be removed from his political seat as he is a member of the Cheney campaign’s state leadership team. Based on this, for all those in House District 9 voters, If you vote against Cheney, then you must also vote against her rotted political supporters such as Landon Brown. Brown must be held accountable for his radical Democrat support of Liz Cheney and be removed from office. Brown has a long history of being a young man who does not control his tongue or his wording.

Back in January of 2021, Landon Brown was critical of the Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne’s comment that the Wyoming GOP was keeping an observant eye on secession efforts in Texas.

Brown has alienated his political seat by supporting Liz Cheney and supporting Mask Mandates and Vax Mandates on to his Wyoming District 9 voters. Brown likes to use the words, “I am an outsider.” Really? Brown needs to be flushed down the political toilet just like Liz Cheney. He is part of the Democrat machine destroying Wyoming voters’ rights to guns, freedom, and religious standing by using the liberal Democrat agendas.

Anything with the name of Landon Brown behind it is suspect of a Democrat Socialist agenda disguised as a Republican. Brown cannot be trusted as a Representative in Wyoming Politics as he has shown during his time as a politician that he is nothing more than a Democrat masquerading as a RINO at best. But certainly not a true conservative Republican, no, far from it.

The voting record of Landon Brown is very liberal. Some would say moderate, but nothing that Landon Brown stands for can be construed as moderate. Landon Brown is a critic of Medicaid and jointly funded federal-state health insurance programs that would make it easier for people who need that medical help to be eligible.

Landon Brown support DRUG USE. Example, Brown supported allowing people to be drug users of Marijuana.

Landon Brown then voted to allow Wyoming business employers to require employees to receive experimental COVID-19 vaccines. If the employees refused Landon Brown voted to let the employers fire the employees.

Landon Brown supports the Democrat Socialist agenda, and clearly does not have the benefit of the Wyoming voters in District 9 best interest at stake.

Landon Brown supports and promotes the WOKE agenda and has been pushing for Wyoming Schools to go extreme WOKE in the public schools.

Landon Brown is not liked in the Wyoming GOP. Brown needs to be unseated in District 9

Both political rivals are REAL conservatives and Brown will not withstand any debates against Sheldon or Petersen.

Brown has destroyed so much in Wyoming with his Socialist Democrat Agenda leanings and voting record.

Landon Brown complains he has received “incivility,” REALLY? could it be that Landon Brown has brought that on to himself by lying to the voters? Brown has used the VICTIM card by falsely claiming that he is a VICTIM of death threats and hateful emails. That never happened. Landon Brown is using the Democrat VICTIM WOKE card to make it look like he is a victim of his constituents.

Brown only reran for his seat again, because he admits that still more work needs to be down, especially when it comes to education and indoctrination of WOKE agendas in the public schools.

Landon Brown is Anti-God- Anti-Liberty, Anti-Wyoming, Anti-Trump and Anti-Guns. That is not what Wyoming is about. Landon Brown must be unseated and removed from his political seat just like Liz Cheney whom he is part of her Campaign leadership.

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