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Wyomings Highest Crime Cities According To FBI 2021


Riverton, Wyoming FBI crime statistics for 2021 are as follows:

So far in Riverton, during the year of 2021, 464 crimes have been committed, with a total of crimes at 4,216.6 per 100K people. That means that the city of Riverton is 70.25% above the national average in crimes. The empirical data suggests that Riverton is 32 out of 32.

The national rate is 2,476.7 per every 100,000 residents and about 135.77% higher the total Wyoming crime rate of only 1,788.5 per 100,000 citezens.

Riverton crime VS. Wyoming

Murder 27.3 2.2

Robbery 9.1 11.6

Aggravated Assault 136.3 147.6

Violent crimes 345.3 217.4

Burglary 472.6 241.2

Larceny 3,017.1 1,206.7

Car theft 381.7 123.2

Property crime 426 1571.1

Cody, Wyoming, is ranked on a scale of 1-10, coming in at number #5 safest cities in Wyoming, according to the 2021 FBI report.

Cody is -49.25% below the national average

Cody Violent crimes per 100k. Wyoming

172.3 217.4

Murder -0- 2.2

Robbery 10.1 11.6

Aggravated assault. 91.2 147.2

Property crime. 1,084.6. 1,571.1

Burglary. 101.4 241.2

Larceny. 94 1,206.7

Car theft. 30.4 123.2

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