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2022 Will Be A Bad Year For Democrats Nationally and In Wyoming

Time to look at the Democrat lies covered over with more lies that led right into state and local politics, even in the State of Wyoming. The radical Democrats are using a simple guise such as the COVID-19 lock-downs as a well planned out trial run to gage reactions of people in America and including the state of Wyoming, to see if the people will be obedient, and how far they can push the people towards total control. Conspiracy theory? not hardly, it is reality. It’s happening now right in front of you the viewers.

In many states and in Wyoming especially, various officials, including health officials, issued stay-at-home orders, contact tracing, snitching on family and your friends, silencing dissenting voices, decimation of at least 25% of all small businesses, travel bans and even in some areas of the country curfews.

America, and Wyoming voters, the radical Socialist Democrats, are testing the waters to see how far they can go before being permanently stopped. The goal is obvious, just how easy will it be to enslave the population into total compliance.

Because the bulk of Americans have been asleep going about their lives as “normal” 75% of the population were not aware that the Socialist Democrats were using “Operation Compliance”, as a dry run before they institute the real takeover down the road. Using the liberal main stream Media, and Social media, they have realized that the propaganda efforts have worked and that they can control millions of people literally effortlessly.

And the problem is most Americans fell for it.

Case in point, this all began by Joe Biden hijacking the election, (Stealing the election with fake voters, or dead voters) and now Joe Biden has signed over 30 executive orders within his first 50 days in office. Just like a true dictator, he was operating with executive orders like dictators do. The difference is that there are many gun owners who won’t hesitate to shoot and kill in order to protect their family and their freedoms and the Constitution of the United States if it came down to that. (Hope to God it never does)

It is imperative Wyoming voters that you vote out every person who is a Democrat, both at the national level, County and local levels, which includes all Republicans who talk and operate like a Democrat.

Perfect example is the most hated woman in the state of Wyoming, Elizabeth Cheney. She has aligned herself with the Socialist radical Democrats, who are bent on taking your freedoms away from you and your family.

Make sure Wyoming voters that you talk to your friends and relatives to enlist them to help create a solid wall of Patriot freedom lovers who will stand up against the liberal Socialist Democrat onslaught with willful intent to destroy and take away your freedoms.

Vote against every candidate with the word Democrat behind their name. Time to retake America and the state of Wyoming as an unhindered Constitution, free country and or state. Do what you can before it is too late in 2022 at the local, county, state and national levels. Your voice counts and so does your vote for freedom.

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