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A Rifle Behind Every Blade Of Grass

Written by: Marc Kelley
In 480 BC, a great battle was fought over freedom, liberty, and weapons. Vastly outnumbered, out-gunned, and surrounded, a group of three-hundred men refused to lay down their weapons and surrender. In a battle that lasted seven days, and cost the life of every single warrior, these brave men willingly gave their last full measure of devotion, rather than submit to tyranny. When the last remaining few were given their final chance, to surrender their weapons and be allowed to live, their leader, King Leonidas, responded…..Molon Labe….Come Take Them.
As you may recognize, this is the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, which was retold in the 2006 film, 300. Thermopylae is a narrow mountain pass, near to the Aegean Sea, in Northern Greece. As is often the case proceeding a bloody conflict, the Persian Empire made a decision to expand its influence and power over what had been a peaceful people. The goal of this incursion was not to plunder their riches;  but rather to exert control over another population they viewed as beneath them in social status. After assembling an army of over 150,000 men, the Persians, led by their King Xerxes, launched an invasion into Greece. In response, the Spartan leader, King Leonidas, rallied a band of warriors against the invading force. By utilizing superior tactics, weapons, and armor, the Spartans killed thousands of Persians. Ultimately, the sheer number of Persian’s, would indeed defeat the 300 Spartans; however, the battle, its tactics, and unyielding will of the Spartans, would become legendary and continues to be taught, in military academies throughout the world. 
Today, the phrase Molon Labe, rings out as part of the pro-second Amendment movement. It echoes a strong belief in the ideals of personal freedom and the right to self protection. Molon Labe has come to represent the indomitable understanding, American’s have the right to keep and bear arms, and they will not be surrendered to anyone, without a fight. By even by the most optimistic account, 2022 has been a year from Hell. Our people have been lied to time and time again by our Government. We have suffered intrusions on our freedoms, our liberties have been trodden upon, and our personal lives have been turned upside-down. All of these things have been done with intention and purpose in the name of protecting us from ourselves. Yet many in our country refuse to believe their own eyes, refuse to acknowledge the reality, freedoms once surrendered are rarely returned.Make no mistake in thinking it is the Democrats or Republicans who are responsible for the mess we currently experiencing across our great country. The true villain’s which have led us to be at each other’s throats are apathy and ignorance. Politician’s have in the past and will forever in the future, do and say anything they believe will get them re-elected and preserve their base of power. It is the fact which proves politicians on both sides of the political aisle have long ago sold their soul to the Devil and willingly accepted payment in blood money. This price has been paid by the working class of our country who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace, worship as they believe, and raise their children with the morals taught them by their parents and grandparents.
The political ruling class provides the propaganda which is amplified by state run media, telling America whose lives matter and whose do not. Liberal leaders, proclaim “it is the right of every American, to protest against injustice in an effort to bring about social change.” Yet, what of the injustice brought against the innocent children of Chicago, who now are so routinely killed by the crossfire of gang violence. Who protests for these children, who calls for “reparations”, to pay for their stolen lives? You see, these lives simply do not matter; because, they are lost to the evil brought about by policies designed to create the problem. A problem we are told, which can only be solved by more government control, more restrictions on our freedoms, and fewer liberties for our people.
In stark contrast to the reporting of the “peaceful protests”, the media is either too scared or too ignorant to recognize the grass roots movement being undertaken by private citizens, as they move to arm themselves. According to the FBI, American’s have purchased over 1 million firearms per month for the last 36 months straight. Given the best guess reported by the FBI in 2018, that 390 million guns were already in private hands, the driving factor behind these purchases should be fairly evident.  Our citizens do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods and have come to the rationalization owning a firearm is their only remaining defense against the evil set upon us.
For several years now, we have watched as our Police Departments have been attacked, berated, defunded, and accused of being “assassination squads”. Orders have been handed down by many liberal mayors to “stand down”, as violence plays out in cities across our nation. Cops can’t even finish their paperwork before the criminal’s they arrest are released without bail, regardless of the length of their rap sheet or the heinousness of their crime. Along with these attacks come the second and third order consequences of these “woke policies.” Now, far too often we watch in horror as our children are slaughtered inside their schools, while law enforcement stands outside, ordered not to engage fearing the loss of their own careers, knowing full well they would be blamed if a mistake was made. The media is filled with indignation as they repeatedly run footage of our failed system. Our children are killed, then forgotten by the media and politicians alike when their attention is diverted by the next squirrel which crosses their path. And now, as the violence which was confined to the inner city spills into the suburbs, the call is yet again for more gun control. Defunding has resulted in fewer Cops on the streets, longer wait times for a 911 response; and yes, more violence against innocent people. If we willingly give up our weapons, we will have no other choice than to submit to the ruling class, sacrificing not only our freedom, but the choice to live our lives, as we choose. Apathy and ignorance provide no protection against those who embrace evil; moreover, it is a recipe for the continuation and escalation of violence and intolerance. The radical left tells us, “Socialism” will bring about social justice, and they will create a utopian world, where firearms are simply not needed. However, once again history dispels this myth, revealing the truth and the reality, Socialism will bring about a new era of modern-day slavery; whereby, the powerful control the masses. Just as the 300 answered the power-hungry Persian King when he said, “lay down your weapons and we will allow you to live”. We the People will respond ….Molon Labe.
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