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Biden Aides Continue To Exit In Mass, Now Biden’s Own “Body Man” Jumps Ship.

Biden aides are leaving in droves as they can see that his dementia is getting worse and worse. Now Joe Biden’s closest aide is leaving immediately after finding a different job at the Transportation Department. Biden’s “Body man” Stephen Goepfert has been with Joe Biden since the 2020 campaign that Biden stole from Donald Trump.

Stephen Goepfert has indicated that it has been a nightmare trying to keep Joe Biden’s head above water and concealing just how bad his dementia is. Goepfert has indicated that Biden is disorganized, confused, and forgetful, and it has been a constant battle dealing with Biden’s presidency life and Biden’s private life as both are in a mess.

A continual departure flow of aides is scrambling to leave the White House. Do they know something that the American public does not? Probably.

Goepfert has told the media that Biden requires a caretaker as he should have been put out to pasture long ago. Goepfert’s “body man” replacement will be none other than a White House receptionist by the name of Jacob Spreyer.

The Biden Administration is in deep-tail spin.

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