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Cheyenne Rae Dawn Petersen Arrest For Attempted Deliberate Homicide In Helena Montana

Sunday, October 2, 2022

At approximately 2257 hours, Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Edwards St for a disturbance report.  The complainant advised Dispatch that it sounds like a fight is occurring where they are reporting the disturbance.  Officers arrived and attempted to contact the residence’s occupants, where the disturbance was being reported. 

The occupants of the residence would not answer the door for Police, and it appeared the door was being barricaded from the inside of the residence.  Officers were able to observe a person with injuries to their person along with the person covered in what appeared to be blood.  Officers entered the residence and located a male with bodily severe injuries along with a female who had what appeared to be blood on her person but did not have a visible injury. 

Investigation into the matter led to a 23-year-old female (Cheyenne Rae Dawn Petersen) being arrested for Attempted Deliberate Homicide and Assault with a Weapon.  The male victim was transported to Benefis Hospital in Great Falls with possible life-threatening injuries. 

Currently, this is an ongoing investigation.   This was an isolated event between the arrestee and the victim, and there is no threat to the Community.

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