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Cheyenne School Board Sided With Parents To End Mask Mandate

Thanks to the efforts of many concerned parents, concerned public, Conservative media and The Smith Group Law Office, LLC and many other lawyers, and civic groups, the Cheyenne school board on Monday evening ended up being forced to lift the ridiculous mask mandate and limit the nonsense isolation requirements.

The stated in the School board, meeting all mask requirements for all students and all teachers, lifted effective Jan 21, 2021. This radical Democrat Socialist WOKE Mask agenda was nothing but an attempt to control people and had little to do with any medical science.

The School board voted 4-3 in favor of eliminating mask requirements and isolation requirements, taking a big step in returning freedom to parents, students and teachers from this radical Democrat control agenda that had been in place far too long.

This time, anyone who tests COVID-19 positive are asked to just stay home. Once a person returns to the school, they will only have to wear a mask for (5) days.

Thanks to all the Parents who were very vocal and did not give up. The Wyoming News wants to congratulate all who stood against the Democrat control agenda. In Wyoming, freedom means everything.

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