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Commission President William J. Briggs, II Speaks To Public About Death Of Tyre Nichols


Statement from Commission President William J. Briggs, II on the release of body-worn
footage by the City of Memphis in the death of Tyre Nichols

“On behalf of myself and my fellow Commissioners, I would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Tyre Nichols. The beating of Mr. Nichols was savage and unconscionable. The behavior of these officers must be condemned. Not just by members of the law enforcement community, but by all Americans. They will answer for their actions; their disregard for human life; their excessive use of force; their failure to intervene and render aide; their violation of the public’s trust.

Yesterday, we were all made aware of the charges against the five former Memphis Police
Department officers. The case will be heard in a court of law and with time, it is my hope, Mr. Nichols’ family will receive justice for their loss.

Today, the body-worn camera footage and other relevant video were made public by the City of Memphis. I feel the same hurt, anger, and rage that Americans feel watching this footage. The treatment of Mr. Nichols is beyond words. As we collectively process what we have witnessed today, I implore Angelenos to remember that although we are not strangers to our own struggles as a community and a city, we have come so far. The relationship between communities and the Los Angeles Police Department has changed and continues to grow with our model of community policing, transparency, and accountability.

As Americans, it is your right to openly assemble in your communities. The LAPD will support you as you exercise your right to protest. I ask you to bear in mind, the outrage that we all feel does not warrant the destruction of our city. We gain nothing by tearing down our local businesses and community assets. Anger in this situation is warranted. Violence toward officers is not an answer for your outrage.

It does not wield justice in this situation, and it will not be tolerated in Los Angeles.
In the coming months we will learn more details about the death of Mr. Nichols. It will be painful to process. As we work through the aftermath of this heinous act, I urge Angelenos to come together and strengthen our bonds as a city and members of a larger, collective community.”

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