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Dementia Biden, Foaming At Mouth As He Has Temper Tantrum Scolding MAGA Republicans As Federal, 5th Circuit Court permanently Strikes Down DACA “It’s Done Forever.”

Over 2.3 million illegal aliens that Democrats call “immigrants.” still are protected by the old DACA rules. As of yesterday, October 6, 2022, a federal judge has struck down permanently the Democrat, Obama-era DACA immigration policy. The federal court ruled that Obama was violating federal law when he forced Americans to accept illegal aliens under the DACA policy, protecting illegals from being deported; furthermore, the DACA policy which means, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program was implemented by Barack Hussein Obama (a Muslim), violated federal law and that the Obama Administration knowingly violated federal law.
Dementia Joe Biden literally threw a tantrum and ranted and raved that this ruling was “UnlawFul,” and dementia Biden demanded that congress create legislation protection that would be permanent to try and override what the Federal judge’s ruling was. Instead of protecting LEGAL AMERICANS, Biden wants to protect illegal aliens and their kids.

But according to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court’s three-judge panel, they disagreed and layed down the “Federal Law” and clearly stated that “the Obama administration lacked the legal authority to institute the DACA program in the first place.”
Dementia Joe Biden is furious and claims that “Dreamers’ lives remain in a political, legal limbo.”
Biden must have forgotten that Biden hated any individual with a darker skin tone than he does.
Dementia Joe Biden was caught on media cameras ranting like a lunatic, stating, It is the Republicans who are stripping the DACA policy.

“I blame them.” Dementia, Joe Biden stated.
Yet the 5th circuit Court ruled that the United States Government is prohibited from attempting to process any further DACA applicants.

America 1, Dementia Joe Biden 0

Vote Republican America; vote out all Socialist, WOKE, Democrats. #Trump2024 #MAGA

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