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File Federal Law Suit Against Multiple School Boards. Part #2

Interesting how the government unlawfully and unconstitutionally seized control of such common law and Constitutional protected rights. As proof of In Exhibits 1 and 2.

The willful, exaggeration of fear of death was fueled by Wyoming politicians and propagandized by irresponsible Wyoming Liberal media; and the shear complexity of science and medicine involved which many citizens, legislative bodies, and judiciary did not take the time necessary to properly understand COVID-19 which is just a simple FLU virus and then the irrational and elusive goal of completely eliminating the virus at any cost, including massive economic devastation physical and psychological scarring to millions of innocent populace, and the loss of the personal freedoms that our forefathers and their successors gave their lives to preserve and protect.

What a SHAM the all the defendants slipped under the eyes of the Wyoming population. Has not history taught Americans that for over 100 years, Americans have survived pathogenic outbreaks of such diseases as smallpox, cholera, typhoid and many others with far higher mortality rates than COVID-19 ever caused, Yet back then Americans were left to educating people with facts but then leaving the people to decide for themselves on what health measures to take, and allowing commerce to continue unfettered.

In this case the Petitioners in this action are asking the Court to set aside all the policies mandates requiring the use of masks, social distancing, testing, Quarantining, and forced vaccination of healthy and asymptomatic individuals for all school children, visitors, teachers and administrators. Some of the reasons for this action include but are not limited to:

There is no medical emergency that justifies the use of the Respondents’ policies requirements/mandates regarding as it applies to Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.

The remedy requiring the use of use of face-coverings, social distancing, testing or the quarantining for all students, teachers, staff and visitors does not accomplish the stated goal.

The Respondents/Defendants’ policies requirement/mandates regarding the use of face coverings for all students, teachers, staff and visitors, are, and have been arbitrarily made and enforced without any creditable basis in science.

The remedy requiring the use of face-coverings, social distancing, testing or the quarantining for all students, teacher, staff and violations of constitutionally secured and protected fundamental rights.

Health emergencies do not warrant coercion that is indiscriminate, overbroad, excessive, or without creditable evidentiary support. The Respondents’ policy requirements/mandates regarding the use of face-coverings. social distancing, testing or the quarantining of healthy and asymptomatic individuals are not based on the best available credible scientific evidence, instead it is based on falsified evidence.

This is PART #2 regarding the Wyo Parents File Federal Law Suit Against Multiple School Boards.

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