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Get the VAX, Or Mask Mandates Will Be Enforced Is Pure Madness!

Socialist Democrats are so hungry to hang on to their “COVID CRISIS” that in the city of Washington, D.C. Democrats are now into a second week of forced mask mandates and are telling the public that if vaccinations do not increase in numbers, then they will keep the city locked down with this mask mandate until vaccination number increase.

This is pure mental madness!

According to Patrick Ashely, Senior Deputy director for the D.C. health department, the mask mandates will continue until the end of the year, if need be. “Vaccinations must increase.” “People must take the Vax.” And if they don’t, then we will keep the mask mandates in effect.

Even the public in the city of Washington, D.C., are not convinced that the COVID Vaccine is safe. Medical data across the nation is showing that those who are getting the vaccine are later getting severely sick and many of them are not surviving. The liberal media is not telling the public about those facts.

In many of the D.C. businesses, staff will not let you into their establishment to eat, shop, browse with out proof of a vaccination to enter: this sounds a lot like 666 that is described in Daniel and in Revelations in the bible where one must have the mark, “Vaccination” to buy and sell.

Get the VX, Or Mask mandates WIll Be Enforced Is Pure Madness!

The covid hype and the vaccination hype is just that “HYPE” that is propped up by false narratives with the intent to control the public masses and for what reason? Yes Covid is real, but the flu is too. Both are a virus and masks to not stop a flu virus nor a covid virus.

What is America coming to when good is called evil, and evil is called good. Answer is in the bible. Nothing but disaster is the result.

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