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Helena Montana Police Department News

@0303 hours, 500 block of N. Park.  Officers responded to trespass to a home.  The complainant stated she woke up to a male standing in her doorway.  This male is known to the complainant but was not authorized to be in her home.  The male was identified, located and issued a citation for trespass.  

@0845 hours, 200 block of W. Placer.  Officers responded to criminal mischief in a vehicle.  The suspect was known to the victim and was located.  The suspect also had a warrant for his arrest.  The suspect was arrested on the contract (warrant) and charged with criminal mischief.  

@1140 hours, 500 block of N. Warren.  Officer responded to disorderly conduct in which a male was harassing the complainant and threw trash in the complainant’s yard.  The suspect was gone upon arrival and has not been identified.  

@1201 hours, 600 block of Dearborn.  Officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle.  The complainant advised his truck was stolen sometime this morning.  Officers attempted to locate out on the vehicle, and the car was found, later in the evening, unoccupied.  There is suspect information, and this case is active.  

Officers responded to 64 calls for service, including:

Eight suspicious activity

5 citizens assists

Three motor vehicle accidents

Three city ordinance

Three disorderly conduct

Three trespass

Two thefts

Two animal calls

Two criminal mischief

Two welfare checks

Two family disturbances

1 stolen vehicle

1 fireworks

Officers made 12 traffic stops

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