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Judge Stops Biden’s Ban On Oil and Gas Production On Public Lands

Why did Wyoming not join the lawsuit that was filed to protect the oil and gas production on federal lands? A federal judge who granted an injunction has finally stopped Joe Biden’s oil and gas ban on federal lands. Monday, the court issued the injunction in a sweeping nationwide legal swath that stopped Joe Biden’s illegal executive order that bans all oil and gas operations that are currently operating legally on federal lands.

Biden stated the reason he did this was in the name of fighting so-called climate change. Climate change is not real. It is yet another Democrat hoax, just like the COVID-19 mask and vaccine hoax.

The case filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and later was joined by 12 other states .

Of those 12 states that were determined to stop Joe Biden, are as follows Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, including West Virginia. Wyoming did not join into the lawsuit that was filed n the District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

So, why did Wyoming not join in? One, wonders.

The executive fiat, Biden illegally ordered, was a direct move to increase energy costs by 60% causing Americans to go broke and not be able to heat their home or fuel their vehicles. This was a push towards the Socialism reset, of America, the current land of the free.

This was a very important legal stunning defeat to the Joe Biden Administration. After all everyone knew that Joe Biden can not, never could, legally, stop any leases or lease sales because Congress, has determined that by, statute, all such lease sales happen regularly and therefore the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and the Mineral Leasing Act directly prohibits what Biden did.

Biden was acting with lawlessness. Since Biden took office after he stole the election from President Donald J. Trump, Biden immediately halted the Keystone XL Pipeline on day one. And has halted all oil and gas production on public lands.

Joe Biden was and is intent on turning this Country in to a Socialist Communist state. The public will not go along with this, and Biden’s hatred for American will not last, as the public will remove him from the very office that he stole.

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