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Mentally Deranged Joe Biden Continues To Excoriate “MAGA Republicans, Christians and Conservatives” As Terrorists and Extremism”

President Joe Biden excoriated “MAGA Republicans, Christians, and Conservatives as extreme terrorists.”

Joe Biden and the WOKE Socialist Democrats are getting desperate as they know they will lose the Senate and the House in the 2022 election and the White House in 2024. The country does not listen to deranged dementia-suffering Joe Biden as he has become just a parrot talking in the wind who barely can complete a full sentence even with a teleprompter in front of him.

Monday, Biden was trying to pitch his Labor Day appeal to Union members. But Joe Biden’s party, Democrats, have started to stand up and make it known that they do not want him to run in 2024, and the White House rumor mill has been heard telling the media that they want Joe Biden to resign and not run for a second term due to his polarizing unpopular Administration and policies not to mention that everything that Joe Biden touches fall apart.

Biden could hardly get a crowd of supporters in Pittsburgh, and sources are telling the media that the Administration had to bus paid people to be used as crowd props to give the appearance of supporters in attendance.

Joe Biden is fearful that on Election day on November 8, the House and the Senate will be lost, and the Republicans will control both the House and the Senate. This will put the Democrats’ Socialist agendas at a complete standstill as they won’t be able to continue to push their WOKE Socialist agenda on Americans. This is why Joe Biden appears and acts frantic when he attacks Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans as MAGA Extremism.

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