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Montana Ahead Of Wyoming In Banning Employers Forcing Covid Shots

The State of Montana is ahead of the state of Wyoming, where COVID-19 vaccines are required to be able to work at their jobs. Such requirements have been banned in Montana.

The Republican who control the Montana Legislature put a law into effect, and passed a law, that bans the radical Democrat-required vaccines as a condition for a person being able to be employed.

Any attempt is now labeled as “discrimination” and it is now a serious violation of the state of Montana’s human rights laws.

Most employers who are trying to create a condition of “get vaxxed or no job” are commonly democrat radical-leaning employers. Even when vaccinated, they want their employees to wear a mask.

This makes no sense, if vaccinated, then why wear a mask? But medical data shows that masks do not stop a virus, so this mask issue is silly.

The Montana Medical Association has called the passed law nothing but a travesty, yet the GOP in Montana are standing their ground. A person’s rights come before any such mandate or vaccine work mandates.

Employers can not coerce or force or use as a condition of employment “vaccinations” to work.

In Wyoming, the state’s health care system liberals have tried to push back, forcing individuals to wear masks. But the state leader ship has stated ” no more mask mandates.” the public is pushing back on any controlled attempts by Democrats from being able to have employers mandate vaccination shots at the work place or no job because of being non-vaccinated.

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