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Montana Senator Steve Daines Fights Back To Prevent An All-Out Economic Tail Spin Caused By Joe Biden

Under President Biden’s administration, we’ve been in an all-out economic tailspin.

This morning, dismal GDP numbers were released showing two consecutive quarters of negative growth – signaling a recession.

From the inflation crisis to now a recession, Montana families are feeling the pain of the disastrous economic policies imposed by President Biden’s administration.

Montanans cannot afford to continue to live like this.

To make matters worse, my colleagues across the aisle are trying yet again to pass their reckless tax and spend bill with disastrous economic policies, including spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the Green New Deal and raising taxes on American job creators.

President Biden’s administration has bankrupted your family and now they’re coming for your jobs.

No more reckless spending, no more putting radical green groups over our energy needs and no more leaving behind the needs of rural America—enough is enough.

As your voice in the United States Senate, I will continue fighting back against reckless proposals that are hurting Montana families.  


Senator Steve Daines

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