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Omicron boosts immunity against Delta variant and COVID-19

Fauci proven once again that his COVID HYPE is a massive FRAUD.

According to the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban, the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 and Delta variant actually is really harmless. The research by the institute has discovered that if a person gets infected with the Omicron Variant, they will probably will only suffer cold-like symptoms and others might have very mild flu-like symptoms.

Of the tests, people that contracted the Omicron variant and were un-vaccinated actually developed an enhanced, natural immunity to the Delta variant. Doctors have discovered that this immunity that the Omicron variant is actually stronger than the all the man made vaccines and boosters that have created.

The medical data shows that the Delta variant gets overwhelmed and neutralized by those that have a natural immunity build up. Studies show that the Omicron variant will kill or neutralize the Delta Covid-19 variant. In English, if a person infected with the COVID-19 and or the Delta Variant, their bodies have built up a natural immunity. But if that same person gets Omicron, this completely displaces both the COVID-19, and it’s variant called the Delta. It’s called, “herd immunity.” That makes the reinfection for the COVID-19 and the Delta variant and Omicron variant non-existent.

Fauci’s narrative laced control agenda, is rapidly falling apart.

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