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Social Media Site, Parler Acquired Private Cloud Company Called Dynascale Inc.

Dear Parler Family,Parler has several exciting announcements about our future that I wanted to share with you. Firstly, we have acquired the private cloud company Dynascale Inc. The indiscriminate removal of companies and websites from Big Tech’s infrastructure, as happened to Parler, causes great damage without regard to those impacted. Our answer to this is Dynascale, which allows individual businesses – not Big Tech – to manage content as they see fit.

Based on three decades of experience, Dynascale provides companies with best-in-class private and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as extensive datacenter operations and facilities. These services are essential to any sizable business, and Dynascale has a global list of hundreds of enterprise companies relying on its secure and integrated hardware and software solutions, disaster recovery, and managed services. With a raised floor footprint of more than 50,000 square foot spanning multiple private datacenter complexes and colocation facilities, Dynascale is the ideal alternative to Big Tech providers.

We’ve also secured $16 million in Series B funding, for a total of $56 million raised to date. This new capital will fuel our vision to leapfrog the industry by building the world’s premier free speech technology framework and platform.

Additionally, Parler is restructuring to become Parlement Technologies, Inc., with Dynascale Inc. anchoring its infrastructure division and Parler serving as its social media division. The new acquisition and foundational structure will allow us to operate a diversified yet cohesive portfolio of technology and platforms to power the future of free speech.  

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting more details via @Parler and @ParlerNews, and on the new company blog . Feel free to share the news on other platforms so people realize there is a key alternative when it comes to storing and managing content and data.We are entering a new era — one that goes far beyond the boundaries of a free speech social media platform. Beginning today, we are building a new company that powers vital functions, both forward facing, like Parler, and behind the scenes, with viewpoint-neutral cloud web hosting. We believe that Parlement Technologies will power the future. And the future is uncancelable.

George Farmer
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