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Train Burglary Arrests Of 26 Suspects Who Stole 18 Million Dollars Worth Of Assets

he Los Angeles Police Department’s Commercial Crimes Division (CCD) announce the arrests of several individuals responsible for train cargo burglaries in the City of Los Angeles. Since July 2021, law enforcement agencies within the Southern California region, to include the City and County of Los Angeles, have been investigating a fluid and active crime trend of “Train Burglaries”.

To combat this ongoing crime trend, the Los Angeles Police Department, Commercial Crimes Division (CCD) established the Train Burglary Task Force (TBTF) to confront the crime trend and identify suspects and others involved with the crimes.

The Commercial Crimes Division, Train Burglary Task Force conducted an ongoing, year-long investigation to identify the suspects responsible for train cargo burglaries in the City of Los Angeles.

The Train Burglary Task Force, working with the Union Pacific Railroad Police (UPRR), Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Police (BNSF) and other associated law enforcement agencies; identified two predominant “fences,” two burglary crews consisting of approximately 26 suspects, and recovered stolen train cargo approximately valued at 18 million dollars. Since the formation of the Train Burglary Task Force, they have relentlessly followed up on numerous leads, made approximately 91 arrests, and authored and executed approximately 49 search warrants, leading to multiple criminal case filings by State and Federal prosecutors.

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