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Wyo Parents File Federal Law Suit Against Multiple School Boards

The Wyoming News broke the news first on October 29, 2021, that Wyoming parents. would file a Massive 128 page federal lawsuit on over 100 individuals. This is one of several lawsuits that will target the liberal Democrat radical mask mandate hold overs, which will cover most of the Public School districts in the state of Wyoming.

The first federal lawsuit took over 5 months to prepare, and it is the Grace Smith, Andy Smith, Shelta Rambur, Tiffany Leimback, Tamara Weaver, Renee Buchli, Carliegh Boucher, Jessica McComb, Bobbi Dockins, Candi Kusler, Laura Pavey, and others similarly situated, as the Petitioners.

The Defendants in this federal lawsuit are: Governor Gordon in his official capacity, Wyoming Department of Health, State Health Officer Alexia Harrist MD in her official capacity, Wyoming Department of Health interim director Stefan Johansson in his Official capacity, Superintendent Craig Dougherty and Trustees of Sheridan County School District#2 Superintendent Jubal Yennie and Trustees of Albany County School District #1 Superintendent Dr. Margaret Crespo and Trustees of Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent Ryan Kramer and Trustees of Goshen County School District#1, Superintendent Ryan Kramer and Trustees of Goshen County School District #1, Superintendent Craig Barringer and Trustees of Sweetwater County School District #2 Superintendent: Kent Stokes and Trustees of Unita, County School District #6 Sheridan Police Department, each of the health officers in their official capacity for the respective Counties of Albany; Jenan Allais MD., Johnson: Hartman MD, Goshen: Ted Church, MD Sweetwater: Jean Stachon, MD, Jane/John Does 1-100.

The Wyoming News now will publish all the names of the School board member Trustees by name and by county only, but the Wyoming News wants you, the viewer, to know who are the shameful School Board Trustees who are harming Wyoming kids in Wyoming Schools.

These individuals are also defendants in this Federal Law suit.. They are:

Albany County School District #1 – Laramie, Wyoming Defendant
1948 Grand Avenue,
Laramie WY 82070
Phone: 307-721-4400

1. Jubal Yennie, Superintendent Defendant
2. Janice Marshall, chairperson Defendant
3. Mark Bittner, Vice-chairperson Defendant
4. Jason Tangeman, Clerk Defendant
5. Beth Bear, Treasurer Defendant
6. Jamie Johnston Defendant
7. Nate Martin Defendant
8. Lawrence Parea Defendant
9. Emily Siegel-Stanton Defendant
10. Kim Sorenson Defendant

Goshen County School District #1 – Torrington, Wyoming Defendant
626 West 25th Avenue
Torrington WY 82240
Phone: 307-532-2171

1. Ryan Kramer, Superintendent Defendant
2. Zachary Miller, chairperson Defendant
3. Michael Sussex, Vice-Chair Defendant
4. Kerry Bullington, Clerk Defendant
5. Carlos Saucedo, Treasurer Defendant
6. Matthew Cushman Defendant
7. Dylan Hager Defendant
8. Katherine Patrick Defendant
9. Taylor Schmick Defendant
10. Sarah Chaires Defendant

Laramie County School District #1 – Cheyenne, Wyoming Defendant
2810 House Avenue
Cheyenne WY 82001
Phone: 307-771-2160

1. Dr. Margaret Crespo, Superintendent Defendant

2. Rose Ann Million Rinne, Chair Defendant

3. Marguerite Herman, Vice Chair Defendant

4. Rich Wiederspahn, Clerk Defendant

5. Alicia Smith, Asst. Clerk Defendant

6. Brittany Ashby, Treasurer Defendant

7. Tim Bolin, Asst. Treasurer Defendant

8. Christy Klaasen Defendant

Sheridan County School District #2 – Sheridan, Wyoming Defendant

P.O. Box 919
Sheridan WY 82801
Phone: 307-674-7405

1. Scott Stults, Superintendent Defendant

2. Susan Wilson, Chair Defendant

3. Arin Waddell, Vice-Chair Defendant

4. Shellie Szmyd, Clerk Defendant

5. Shane Rader, Treasurer Defendant

6. Wayne Schatz Defendant

7. Dana Wyatt Defendant

8. Mary Beth Evers Defendant

9. Ed Fessler Defendant

10. Ann Perkins Defendant

Sweetwater County School District #2 – Green River, Wyoming Defendant
320 Monroe Avenue
Green River WY 82935
Phone: 307-872-5506

1. Craig Barringer, Superintendent Defendant
2. Steve Core, Chairman Defendant
3. Rachelle Morris, Vice Chairman Defendant
4. Robin Steiss, Clerk Defendant
5. Ashley Castillion, Treasurer Defendant
6. Brenda Roosa Defendant
7. Mark Sanders Defendant
8. David Young Defendant

Uinta County School District #6 – Lyman, Wyoming Defendant
P.O. Box 1090
Lyman WY 82937
Phone: 307-786-4100
1. Damien Smith, Superintendent Defendant
2. Sue Dunn Defendant
3. Sherri Bluemel Defendant
4. Jason Lamberti Defendant
5. Spencer Eyre Defendant
6. Nathan Heaton Defendant

Since the Sheridan Police Department, being listed as a defendant, the Wyoming News will name all undercover officers, and provide current face photos that the Wyoming News media investigators have gotten while investigating the Sheridan Police Department, including all officers and individuals who work for the Sheridan police department. The Wyoming News will publish in another article their names and addresses, including all phone numbers, even the cell phone numbers that the police department use that they THINK the public does not have. Wyoming News will publish them all. The public has a right to know.
In up coming articles, the Wyoming News will show how the Sheridan Police Department, caught being corrupt, helped the Democrat radical domestic terroristic, School Board members intimidate, bully even make illegal arrests, of parents, all caught on media cameras. Shame, Shame!

This complaint motions for preliminary injunction and, Declaratory judgment, and demand for a jury trial.

This case is named: Shelta V. Gordon

Now in this Federal Law Suit, the Plaintiffs state that the Executive and health orders issued regarding the SARP-CoV-2 virus (hereinafter referred a Covid-19) which resulted in many repeated violations of State and Federal Laws and of the rights and the liberties of the Petitioners secured by both the State and Federal Constitutions until at full trial can be held.

As set forth,

Petitioners are seeking a declaratory judgment vacating, voiding, and annulling any emergency declaration order of Respondent Governor Mark Gordon, and all other orders, policies requirements and mandates that are based thereon; asking the Federal Court for an injunction, prohibiting respondents from enforcing the same arbitrary orders.

To set the stage for the non lawyers viewership, the complaint in an introduction states the following, which lays out a firm understanding and background of the United States Constitution, which was ratified back in 1788; and then recently the Constitution of the State of Wyoming set out what is a basic principle of the republic government and this has withstood the “Test of time.”

Now going back about 233 years ago a case e.g. Dredd Scott determination that African Americans could not be citizens, the Korematsu holding justifying the Japanese interment camps during World War II, and the forcing of sterilization in the Buck V. Bell case to name just a few cases, the branches of the government worked well such as the Executive Branch, Legislative and Judiciary branch, respectively functioned as they should under the Constitutionally required laws.

But about 110 years ago, medicine still not sufficiently advanced but eventually, penicillin and the germ theory of medicine was relatively still fresh. However, the United States Supreme Court dealt with citizen’s rights in healthcare, yet mainly still unaddressed back then, but over time, the Court decided many critical cases that revolved around such individuals’ rights. Jacobson V Massachusetts, 197 U>S. 11 (1905)

About a century ago, most of the scared and fundamental rights of a person had not been sorted out in the Unites State Supreme Court.

Such as the interstate travel and bodily privacy still have not come into focus of the Supreme Court and the administrative state that America lives in today simply did not exist back then.

This brings us to modern times. Today, under the guidance of an un-elected administrative structure, many of the rights our Supreme Court has determined are fundamental under the Constitution are forcibly, illegally, being denied.

These very fundamental rights are forcibly being denied, not out of prudence; but being denied based solely on unfounded fear and intentional manipulations.

Unfortunately, in early 2020, the basic principle of separation of powers vanished.

The entire country, and even in the world, suddenly the legislative and judiciary branches took a major step backwards in time and allowed the executive branch at all levels of government to assume sole control of both the executive and legislative functions for the concerns of the Corona virus and the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the most unconstitutionally fundamental decision-making actions that literally striped away individual freedoms and rights from the individual person and their families, including the public as well.

This has caused individuals to lose their rights and, forcibly, be deprived of the right to make those individual decisions for themselves regarding their own health, and that of their children.

Now because of the Wyoming School boards and all of those listed as respondents/defendants in this federal complaint, families and individuals can no longer use their own personal judgement and apply the action based on advice from their own personal physicians respecting their health, and that of their children.

This article is Part #1 of about 30 articles the Wyoming News will start releasing.

You the viewer read and decide for yourself, as the Wyoming News shines a very BRIGHT light on those HARMING WYOMING CHILDREN . Wyoming News will release even the names, addresses, phone numbers as the public has a right to know. Make sure you leave a comment and let other viewers know what your thoughts are.

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