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Wyoming Designated A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State, Open Carry

Radical Democrats are greatly losing their raging, fanatical war against the 2nd Amendment.

Because of Bidden stealing the election and getting in as an unelected President, now nearly two-thirds of American Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

As of June 20, 2021, over 1, 930 counties nation-wide have moved to protect the Second Amendment Sanctuary by state legislation, both at the County and state level.

This action across the United States is a bit over 61%, which is about 3,141 counties and even the county equivalents in the entire United States including the District of Columbia.

Gun and Ammunition sales have skyrocketed since BIden has falsely claimed the Presidency.

The most recent state to join the Second Amendment States and Counties—was the state of Texas, which is now the 21st state to pass Constitutional Carry Bills.

A few states have chosen not to enact protection of the 2nd Amendment, so the counties have enacted their own legislation that protects many hundreds, if not thousands, of rural townships, cities, boroughs in those counties across the nation.

Americans will not allow their guns to be taken, or banned by radical Socialist Marxist Democrats.

Just like Wyoming and Montana, this was a grass-roots effort by John Doe and Suzy Q, who got their county and city leaders to climb, board, and protect and vow not to enforce any federal gun laws that might be imposed by radical Democrat states or the Federal Government.

Many Governors are going as far as signing legislation that will nullify any federal gun laws that might be imposed on their citizens.

The state of Montana and Wyoming were first out of the chute to help protect the 2nd Amendment, thanks to the Conservative Patriot Republicans who fought to allow every one that can carry legally, the right to do so Constitutionally.

Wyoming News Syndicated
Wyoming News Syndicated
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