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Cody Wyoming Police Department News

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06:48 Animal-Stray 2206150002 Occurred on 31ST St. RP caught a cat in a trap. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter.

07:30 Animal-Stray 2206150003 Occurred on Draw St. RP says there is a Pitbull in her backyard RAL. . Disposition: Gone on Arrival.

08:04 Patrol-Extra 2206150006 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.

08:10 Traffic Stop 2206150008 Officer initiated activity at 29TH St/Baker Dr, Cody. TS-Driver warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning

10:08 Motor Vehicle Crash 2206150017 Occurred on West Yellowstone Ave. Minor MVC in the parking lot. Blue Jeep compass in the middle of the lot,
suspect vehicle is gone on arrival. Driver’s side door was struck. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

10:40 Patrol-Extra 2206150021 Occurred on Salsbury Ave. Rp would like her house patrolled. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

10:51 Road Hazard/Blockage 2206150024 Occurred at Lt Childers St/Mountain View Dr. Rp-states there is a gate in the middle of the road. . Disposition:
Assistance Given.

12:22 Animal-Lost 2206150031 Occurred on Heart Mountain St. RP advised Belgian Malinois missing from his truck when he came outside.
Has a shock collar, no tags. Dogs is chipped. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

12:40 Traffic Stop 2206150033 Officer initiated activity at 10TH St/Sheridan Ave, Cody. Ts-Driver warned for speed 40/30. . Disposition:
Warning Issued.

13:15 Animal Call – Other 2206150037 Officer initiated activity at 8TH St, Cody. Ducks trying to cross the road. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

13:18 Theft 2206150038 Occurred on Olive Glenn Dr. Rp-states someone stole his irrigation pump in the last couple days. . Disposition:
See Case.

13:33 Threats 2206150041 Occurred on Sheridan Ave. Rp-states he had a customer threaten to hunt him down if he got a bill. . Disposition:
Assistance Given.

16:04 Traffic Stop 2206150053 Officer initiated activity at 8TH St/Platinum Ave, Cody. TS -Driver warned improper right hand turn stop sign
violation and speed. . Disposition: Warning Issued.

16:28 Traffic Stop 2206150056 Officer initiated activity at 17TH St, Cody. Ts-Driver Warned for speed 39/30 signal for 100 feet improper right
hand turn. . Disposition: Warning Issued.

16:52 Traffic Stop 2206150060 Officer initiated activity at 8TH St, Cody. Ts-Driver warned for speed 45/35. . Disposition: Warning Issued.

17:07 Traffic Stop 2206150062 Officer initiated activity at 15TH St/Stampede Ave, Cody. Ts-Driver warned for speed. . Disposition: Warning

18:29 Theft 2206150065 Occurred on Yellowstone Ave. Rp has 2 in custody for shoplifting. . Disposition: See Case.

23:02 Disturbance 2206150079 Occurred on Sheridan Ave. RP says there are 2 males fighting in the parking lot. . Disposition: Assistance

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