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Cody Police Department Blotter

The Cody Wyoming Police Department blotter for September 23, 2021 is:

7:40 Extra patrol requested at the Eastside Elementary School

7:48 Traffic stop was initiated on 16th street and Salsbury Ave. Officer issued the driver a warning for speeding.

7:58 Extra patrol requested at the Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave.

8:33 help given to another agency, activity at 17th and Mountain View dr. Wyoming Highway Patrol MVC.

9:29 A stray animal was at the Storage Solutions on Big Horn Ave. Animal control took the dog to the shelter.

9:46 A traffic stop occurred at 15th and Salsbury Ave. Officer warned the driver about running a red light.

10:04 Reporting party called a harassment complaint at the Yellowstone Behavioral Health Center in. General threats of harm to all staff at the YEH facility. No specifics .

11:17 Golden retriever was at the Cody City Hall on Rumsey Ave. Animal Control took the dog to the Animal shelter.

12:19 A traffic stop initiated at the Maverick South, on 17th street. The Officer issued the driver warning about speeding.

12:32 Driver issued a warning for speeding on 21st Street and Mountain View Dr.

12:55 A vehicle crash took place on 18th street. The reporting Parties’ fire truck was struck by another vehicle sometime over the last week, but no suspects.

14:11 A abandoned vehicle was located on Yellowstone Ave. The vehicle was in the southwest parking lot. The vehicle description is a gray vehicle, Chevy Blazer, or possibly a Nissan, according to the caller. Roof appears to be missing. Walmart tagged vehicle as abandoned yesterday. Someone ripped the sticker off, but they did not move the vehicle. Wal mart wants LE to check out the vehicle.

14:23 Suspicious Activity on Yellowstone Ave West Side of Walmart a black SUV with no windshield. All the doors were open and the back hatch was also open. A male subject with short cropped hair, no further description, acting weird. The reporting party was concerned because the windshield was missing and the vehicle appeared to have no registration. Subject did not approach the reporting party. When officers responded, the vehicle disappeared.

14:54 Traffic stop on 19th and BigHorn Ave. Officer warned driver for speeding in a school zone.

15:00 Lost animal at the Mentock Park, on Blackburn Ave.

15:04 Extra Patrol given to the Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave.

15:04 Extra patrol given to the Livingston elementary School.

15:16 Officer initiated activity at the Cody Middle School.

15:55 Store N Lock on Blackburn Ave two Males in an old white camper with red truck throwing stuff on the ground “they are up to no good” RP states.

16:01 Intrusion/Holdup at Good2Go general burglar alarm False alarm.

17:15 Civil Standby at the Gun Shop on 15th street. Reporting party would like to speak to an officer about the listed person.

19:40 Warrant service attempted by officer at the Shoshone Court Apartment on Pioneer Ave. No service was successful.

20:57 Vehicle crash on Sheridan Ave and 16th street

21:38 Traffic stop

22:03 Traffic stop

23:39 dead animal dead doe in the eastbound lane far right lane.

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