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Cody Police: This Is Who We Are Serving You, The Public

Chief Chuck Baker started working as the Chief of Police for the City of Cody Wyoming on 04/2016

His classification # is C01

Lt. Jason Stafford hired on 09/2000 His classification # is C02


The Police department would not be as successful as it is with out the Administrative support services staff. They are the glue holding the department together. They are as follows:

Aimee Childress started on 08/2017 Her classification # is C31

Verna Thull started on 4/2005 Her classification # is C30


A listing of the individuals with the rank of Sergeant and are working for the Cody Police Department are as follows:

Beau Egger started on 09/2004 His classification # is C05

Juston Wead started on 11/2004 His classification # is C14

Josh Van Auken started on 07/2007 His classification # is C20

Seth Horn started on 06/2007 His classification # is C22


A listing of all patrol officers who work for the Cody Police Department are as follows:

Jeremy Traverse started working on 04/2019 His classification # is C04

John Harris started on 04/2007 His classification # is C06

Eric Wright started on 05/2012 His classification # is C07

Tanner Wichern started on 06/2021 His classification # is C10

Steve Bassett started on 10/2017 His classification # is C12

Thomas Wilshusen started on 12/2015 His classification # is C13

Brandon Tillery started on 10/2017 His classification # is C15

Rachael Boydston started on 06/2021 Her classification # is C17

Patrick Geraghty started on 03/2017 His classification # is C18

Tyler Eubanks started on 01/2018 His classification # is C19

Mark Martinez started on 02/2015 His classification # is C21

Blake Stinson started on 05/2010 His classification # is C24

Justin Dollard started on 05/2011 His classification # is C25


The only listing for the rank of Sergeant Detective is as follows:

Trapp Heydenberk started 05/2010 His classification # is C23


A listing of Detective working for the Cody Police Department are as follows:

Rick Tillery started on 07/2013 His classification # is C03

Scott Burlingame started on 08/2009 His classification # is C08


Cody Wyoming only has one (1) school Resource Officer and that individual is as follows:

Jason Potter started on 01/2017 His classification # is C09


Cody Wyoming has one (1) Code Enforcement Officer, and that individual is as follows:

Jennifer Morris started on 07/2013 Her classification # is C11

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