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Quick Peek At Cody Wyoming Police, Dispatch Blotter

The following is the Police Blotter for Cody Wyoming dispatch calls. They are as follows:

July 23rd 2021

00:26 Traffic stop an Officer initiated on 17th street and Alger ave. BOth individuals in the vehicle were cited for PCS and MJ and Illegal possession of ETOH.

02:04 traffic stop was initiated on BigHorn Ave and 33rd street in Cody. The driver was warned for failure to maintain the lane and license plate issue. Warning issued only.

02:18 Intrusion-Holdup occurred at 17th Street at Good to GO. Assistance given.

02:21 Traffic stop initiated at 17th and Draw Street. The driver was issued a warning for improper backing. Warning issued only.

07:32 Traffic stop initiated at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. The driver was issued a citation for speeding.

07:44 Traffic stop initiated at8th street and Canyon Ave. Driver was warned for speeding and was issued a citation for having no insurance.

07:55 Traffic stop on 8th street and Yellowstone Ave. The driver was issued a warning only.

08:10 Traffic Complaint, Officer initiated activity at the Irma Hotel. Assistance was given.

8:55. Escort-Funeral from the Saint ANthony’s Catholic Church on Monument street to Old Riverside at about 11:02am.

9:37 Parking issue. Officer-initiated activity at the Friends of Buffalo Dam Center Assistance was given.

9:38 Extra patrol was requested for speeding vehicles. assistance was given.

9:44 An abandoned vehicle was reported at Childers Street. A white van with Oregon plates was parked in the area and has been there for a couple of weeks.

10: 00 Lost property incident occurred at the Maverick north on Big HOrn Ave. A black bi-fold wallet small red gem with cross on it. The wallet has the driver’s license, debit cards, and credit cards in the wallet, assistance given.

10:12 Trespass complaint on Cody Ave. The reporting party wants to trespass individual.

10:56 intoxicated female subject at the Beartooth Country Floral on Beck Ave. The drunk female appears to be on something. Police responded and discovered that the complaint was unfounded.

11:12 Miscellaneous Assistance was given at the Cost Plus Furniture and Appliance on Big Horn Ave. Son was arrested last night for DUI reporting party stated her son’s vehicle’s back window on his truck is busted, and his phone is missing. Parent wanted to know what happened last night with her son as her son does not remember anything. Assistance given.

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