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Individuals Charged In Yellowstone County Justice Court on Criminal Case

Blackburn, Vasco Vizarro 11/21/22​​FUGITIVE STATUS​​​​CR-23-138

McChesney, Kelsey Lanae 10/17/22​​FELONY REDUCTION​​​CR-23-160

Bullshows, Victor Juell Jr. 2/3​​MISD SENTENCING​​​CR-22-4937

Millar, Jarod Vehre 2/1​​​MISD OMNIBUS​​​​TK-22-6011

​​​​​​MISD OMNIBUS​​​​TK-22-7006

Oakes, Bowen Skye 2/3​​​MISD OMNIBUS​​​​TK-22-4038

Monroy, Carl Alan 12/25/22​​​MISD HEARING ON MOTION​​TK-20-4991

Phillips, Michael Wayne 1/5​​​MISD STATUS HEARING​​​CR-23-14

Meuret, James Edward II 4/5​​​MISD WARRANT (COP)​​​TK-20-3544

Horn, Eric Anthony 4/5​​​MISD WARRANT (SENT)​​​TK-22-4255

White, Nicholas Ray 4/5​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​CR-23-107

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-23-1241

Lanciotti, Karen Lillian 4/6​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-20-4171

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-20-4599

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-20-5358

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-21-5449

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-22-2507

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-22-2857

Guenthner, Samuel Eugene 4/7​​MISD WARRANT (IA)​​​TK-20-3116

Rideshorse, Julia Colleen 4/6​​​MISD WARRANT (SENT)​​​TK-20-3720

​​​​​​MISD WARRANT (SENT)​​​TK-20-4841



Stephens, Edwin Ray ​​​​NEW MISDEMEANOR​​​CR-23-178

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