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Wyoming School Districts Teaching Critical Race Theory

The Cody public education system is directly connected to the NEA, the National Education Association, which is the largest teachers union in the country.

The Cody school system is part of the NEA, as many of the teachers in Wyoming are members of NEA.

But this is what these Wyoming public school teachers are subscribing to:

Recently, the National Education Association voted to aggressively push Critical Race Theory into K-12 public schools across the Country, which would include Park County’s public schools. According to an insider, they are going to start with the Cody Public schools system.

The Critical Race Theory supporters, mainly the teachers Unions, claim that CRT is not taught in K-12, but the truth and the facts show that the NEA did pass a resolution requiring NEA action that supports aggressive leading campaigns that will greatly increase implementing of critical race theory in ALL public school curriculum in preschool through 12 grade education.

According to an NEA sources who asked not to be identified, stated that in Wyoming, the cities of Cody, Cheyenne, Lander, Powell, Casper and Jackson will be a launching pad for implementing the critical race theories into those school districts and classrooms.

Let’s just look at what this means, the Critical Race Theory has all already been written and approved in it’s role of the teachers Unions that will be center stage and will take a prominent role, being very dominant about forcing CRT into the districts.

According to the NEA, they know that the Western states are asleep and their is little push back from parents, thereby making possible to change America in just one generation towards a more Socialist-minded, civilized society. A society that is polite and that will accept such control implemented later.

The NEA is involved at the national, including the local chapters, to guarantee that the Critical Race Theory is being implemented.

NEA is instructing the teacher Unions and local chapters to continue to say that “Critical Race Theory is not being taught in k-12.” Even School boards are being trained on how to combat upset parents and how to control the meetings by either shutting down the public meeting or asking for Law enforcement to arrest parents who they allege are disrupting the meeting.

This is how the school boards are being trained and taught on how to handle any opposing voices.

Already in Cody, Cheyenne, Lander, Powell, Casper and Jackson Wyoming, kindergartners may not have papers and books that say CRT on them, but the children are being taught and indoctrinated verbally into the very beginning key principles using varied vague euphemisms like the words “of color”, “equity” and “Antiracism.”

Right now in the Wyoming school districts the NEA, National Education Association is working along with the NEA state and local affiliates and radical so called racial justice advocates and community BLM activist and they have built a powerful education community that on the out side looks like just a town or city that is all about good education.

This is furthest from the truth.

Facts show that they are working together to eradicate institutional racism in. by pushing campaigns that greatly increase implementing culturally responsive education, such as Critical Race Theory, and dividing ethnic individuals such as any Blacks, Latinos, Middle Easterns, Asians and so on in the very studies that they children are required, to study in K-12 grade including at the collegiate level.

This is how they are getting this Critical Race Theory into the Wyoming school districts with the help of Socialist Democrat politicians.

They are sharing and publicizing throught channels, information current to society and are conveying teaching such radical topics in a reasonable and aggressively, what they claim as appropiate methods of curriculum, that is informed and structured by varied accdemic Socialist frameworks to interpret and understand the impacts of the past on the current society, by pushing the Critical Race Theory aganda.

NEA is also directing the public school districts to use tools and resources to defend their “honest education, that includes CRT.

Wyoming public education insists that the so-called racism is just a structural and or systemic, and this is the excuse and invitation to a much more broader transformation into a radical, envisioned Marx’s Feuerbach philosophy. Which is, Critical Race Theory, simply a self-proclaimed Marxist, Paulo Freire that has been labeled as “Critical Consciousness” so that they can get students at all levels to emotionally feel compelled to act for a fundamental, permanent change to America’s freedoms.

Wyoming Parents, the gauntlet has been thrown down.

The NEA. National Education Association is an enemy of the people, enemy of the state, and to the freedoms of God fearing Americans. They must be stopped at all costs as they are indoctrinating the children to ascend against their parents and, ultimately, the freedoms those very same parents and generations before them have enjoyed.

As of April 2020, another new attempt NEA is pushing is called, and coined, “Team Transcend,” which is mind-boggling as it is also called “liberatory Mathematics.” It has nothing to do with mathematics, but everything to do with Critical Race Theory, but disguised as mathematics.

Critical Race Theory IS RACISM !

One wonders why the local liberal rags will never report nor tell the people the truth about Critical Race Theory? Could be that they allegedly are nothing but a Socialist Democrat Sympathizing propaganda machine? Critical Race Theory

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