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NEA Switching Tactics Against Wyoming Parents

National Education Association is making every effort to combat parents who have children attending the public schools in Wyoming. The NEA has switched to talking points that is nothing more than “gas lighting of the parents” to over-come, a ground swelling of angry parents who are taking the NEA head-on, both at a national, regional and local levels.

The Teachers Union in Wyoming, including the school districts, are sticking to talking points that “CRT is not being taught in school.”

All one has to do is call your local teachers union Rep and they will use the gas lighting talking point and claim that they are not teaching CRT in the schools. But Wyoming residents know the truth and have discovered that, in fact, this is exactly what they are teaching their children.

The ad nauseam was disiminated over liberal talk shows, liberal media, and at all levels of the Teachers Unions, both at a national level and at the local levels. The National Education Association is demanding along with the progressive liberal, radical Socialist Marxists politicians alike this propaganda, in hopes of silencing parents.

The NEA’s attempt to gas-light any parent who stands in opposition is classified and called “Crazy,” “Trouble Makers,” “Education Terorrists.”

However, the NEA shot them selves in the head, figuratively speaking, when they have voted for a complete radical Marxist indoctrination of the school children in America.

The NEA’s Critical Race Theory is based on a curriculum designed to infiltrate all school-aged children and at all levels of perversion, and evilness that just does not make any sense to the normal thinking parent.

This type of radical ideologies is designed to undermine the family units and destabilize a free country, with the goal of creating generations of youth to turn the tide to Socialism and worst Marxism in just one generation time span.

CRT is discrimination based on skin color and violation of every Civil Rights Act.

Wyoming grass root American parents are battling this head-to-head evilness that has shown isn’t ugly head. Even the American Federation of Teachers has turned ugly. The AFT has funded 2.5 million dollars to “defend” teachers who insist on breaking the law and forcibly indoctrinating students, even if it is against the Wyoming parents will. They also insist that CRT is not being taught and are gas lighting Wyoming parents.

Wyoming parents must ask them selves, will they allow the NEA and the Teachers Unions and the American Federation of Teachers to indoctrinate racist ideologies to the children while at the same time lying to parents about what they are doing with their children? And then with the other hand, mounting massive campaigns that silence dissidents? Or will Wyoming parents demand that the public schools educate children instead of indoctrination of their children.

Wyoming parents must not support any NEA nor the Teachers Union as they have become indulged with a WOKE culture that brings nothing but death and destruction to those that embrace it.

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