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A Covid Booster Shot Here, A Booster Shot There, When Will It End

Just how many COVID booster shots will it take to protect people from COVID? Joe Biden pounds his chest, and states, ” Get the dam vaccine.” Americans do not want to get the vaccine, wear masks, nor deal with endless booster shots.

The mask issue has become a political mask with it’s minions of booster shots, Covid passports, Delta variant , and next week liberals will move the goals posts and claim a different narrative the next breath they take.

Now the Wyoming Dept of Health are pushing a COVID-19 booster shot claiming that this will stop the Covid virus for populations that are compromised, such as high-risk health individuals who need protections from the Covid virus and now the “dangerous” Delta variant.

How many shots does one need to be saved from the COVID-19?

The experts just don’t know, and they can not follow any science as their is none to follow unless it is Dr. Fauci spreading his liberal deceit to the American populations.

Currently, the FDA has authorized booster shots of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that will be available for any person’s with an immunocompromised health issues.

Wyomingites know that masks don’t stop a virus, and the state of Wyoming is behind nationally in taking any vaccine shots, and the state according to national CDC data, is much like Montana, where individuals are highly suspect of the vaccine.

The bulk or majority of those getting sick are people that have been vaccinated with at least one or two Vaccine shots. A minority of the numbers are coming down with the Covid are considered un-vaxed.

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