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Ag Water Rights Vs. Proposed Subdivision In Park County

No enough information was provided regarding ground water that a new proposed subdivision would need to support twenty-three new water wells. The subdivision moving forward was tabled by the Park County Commissioners after seeing a proposed preliminary palt that consists of the Buck Creek on the Estates Major Subdivision.

This is agricultural land. This is agriculture water; the public want it to stay that way, which supports the needs of the agri-industry in that are.

Not a controversial subdivision.

On Tuesday, the Park Count Commissioners decided to put the matter on hold (Table it) until a complete hydrogeological study can be completed.

One of the Commissioners Lloyd Thiel, was adamant that the subdivision was wrong for the farmers and the area. As more population choose to make the Park County area their home base, dozens of new subdivisions are popping up every where, many of whom are still in the proposal stage. About 23 subdivisions can be counted between Powell Wyoming and Cody, Wyoming, some in completed stages other in the building stages, and some still on paper process in the form of proposals.

The subdivisions are impacting the agriculture water and water rights have this has some negative precedence over new subdivisions trying to come into the Park County areas. Park County welcomes all the new growth, but not when it affects the water usage and water rights of established farms and ag areas.

Don’t make Park County a Las Vegas-style area with lots of subdivision dotting the landscape.

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