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Pleas For Help From Unlawful COVID Shot Mandates

ORLANDO, FL – Liberty Counsel has received thousands of pleas during the last several weeks for help from employees and students who are told they must receive the COVID shot or lose their jobs or educational status. There are already many victories, but requests are still flooding in every day.

Suzanne, a staff member with Liberty Counsel said, “I just got off the phone with a man who was weeping because he is afraid that he will lose his medical insurance or his job which would cause him to lose medical insurance and his wife has MS. I hung up and cried.”

Medical professionals who have been on the frontline helping people during COVID are now told they must succumb to this experimental injection. They are now desperate for help. However, many of them have seen the damage caused by these experimental injections. One RN has witnessed six people die from taking COVID shots and is seeing others experience “urinating clots of blood, paresthesia (burning or prickling sensation), gastroparesis (stomach stops processing food), altered mental status, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrests, new onset seizures and new onset diabetes.” She says, “I have patients who can’t walk anymore.”


Employees across the nation are threatened with termination if they don’t submit to the shot mandate. Here are just a few examples of pleas from those health care workers, first responders and business employees:

“They are requiring 100% vaccine compliance as a term of continued employment with the organization and have given employees the deadline of Sept 19, 2021 to be completely vaccinated. They have been creating a very hostile work environment. PLEASE help us.”

“I am a nurse practitioner and I was told they had a right to terminate me but if signed an amended contract scrubbing my association with the health system and agree to abide by CDC guidelines while in the office I could stay employed. Now I am suspended without pay until the investigation is complete. HR will not provide information on what the investigation is regarding.”

“I’m a nurse that belongs to a union that has totally blindsided us. We had no idea this would or could happen.”

“I applied for a religious exemption and was denied because I don’t meet their criteria, they said to be exempt. I will be put on a 28-day suspension with no pay on September 30th and if I do not comply within the 28 days I will be terminated.”

“My wife will be fired on Monday. She is part of more than 50 medical workers in a nursing home who declined the jab. They are being forced to sign that they ‘voluntarily’ quit so they can’t get unemployment benefits.”

“I am a firefighter with 26+ years of service. We need your help immediately! My coworkers are caving into the pressure to take this COVID-19 vaccine or be fired. They need a sign of hope. Because the Governor and EMS are mandating some of my co-workers who work at neighboring fire departments will be losing their two incomes.”

“I am a deputy and I am pleading with you on behalf of the 10k plus employees of the Sheriff’s Department that you would help facilitate in this matter. The vast majority of us are not in favor of this forced vaccination and are in FEAR OF LOSING OUR JOBS.”

“I am an employee with a company that has made the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory except if you fill out a medical or religious waiver. By the end of this month if you don’t have your vaccination the company is letting employees go on unpaid leave. During this process I have been lied to, discriminated against and humiliated by my employer. I have documented everything and have copies of all my paperwork.”

“For the last week I have been informed through a series of emails from my employer that my rights and religious freedoms will not be honored nor will I be granted an exemption from their instituted COVID mandates. The last email I received from my employer was purposed on his part to tell me that I must get tested, vaccinated and wear a mask at all times or resign. I have not resigned and I do not feel that I should have to quit my only means to support my family or subject myself to potentially life threatening experimental vaccines and tests that go against my religious beliefs.”

“They are requiring proof of vaccine to keep my management job by Oct. 1. They will not accept a religious or medical accommodation for my job. They say you can file for an exemption, but you have to find another job in the company that would not require travel or interactions, because they cannot accommodate due to their requirement. There are no jobs like that. They will be terminating employment by Oct. 1 if you do not comply.”

“I have worked for this company for 16 years. I have to choose between losing my income, health insurance, life insurance, etc. and quite possibly my life if the vaccination hinders my natural immunity.”

“I work for a company and they have now mandated everyone get the vaccine or file for a religious/ medical exemption and then submit to weekly testing. I am currently in the final stages of appealing and according to my advocate being approved as a disabled veteran. Two of the conditions I’m fighting are Gulf War Syndrome (because of being forced to get a fully FDA-approved anthrax vaccine) and PTSD. Being forced into getting another vaccine that is not currently fully FDA-approved and that also has no (to the best of my ability to find) research of 10-20-year peer reviewed studies of the effects of an mRNA vaccine. I feel I am being discriminated against as a disabled vet.”


Those who defend America’s freedom are now forced to give up their rights:

An active-duty soldier who signed up to serve on Sept. 11, 2001 will be eligible for retirement with full benefits this fall unless he refuses to take the COVID shot. “For 20 years, we missed birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases. We watched friends die in war. Many of us bled ourselves. After returning, we watched the mental toll take more of our friends through suicide. We have spent 20 years loving our country and putting the lives of our fellow citizens above our own,” Andy says. But now Biden and his vax- pushers are forcing these heroes to risk their lives in a different way—by injecting an experimental drug, the COVID shots.”

“My husband, prior USMC, recently enlisted into the US Army and he is continually being harassed and threatened to accept the COVID vaccine. They are threatening to take away leave, kick him out, and have currently restricted any of his family from attending his graduation because he is not vaccinated.”


Students at universities across the country are at risk of not being able to complete their education.

One nursing student holds sincere religious beliefs that prohibits her from receiving the COVID shot. She opposes the injections because they all used aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase, and Johnson & Johnson also uses aborted fetal cell lines in the deployment or distribution phase. Her sincerely held religious beliefs prevents her from participating directly or indirectly in abortion or the destruction of human life. The school is threatening to fail her so she cannot complete her clinical work.

Another nursing student, who attends a faith-based university in the South, has been threatened with expulsion.

“I am in my second year of medical school, trying to pursue my dream of one day becoming a physician. However, if I do not comply with the new vaccine passport policy proposed by my school, I will be barred from continuing my medical education, of which I am already $200,000 in student loan debt.”

“I started emailing HR in January about my religious beliefs and asked to talk about a religious exemption to COVID-19 related policies upon our return to work. I was met with statements meant to shut down the conversation such as, I don’t believe there is a religious exemption for that and you must follow all legal directives. I filed a religious discrimination complaint with the district. A few days later the school board voted to terminate me. After I made a religious discrimination complaint they fired me.”

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Forcing people to get these shots by threatening their jobs, their education, and your service to the country, is cruel and inhumane. This should never happen in America. No one should have to choose between their job or education and their health and future. In America, there is freedom to choose. Liberty Counsel will fight for these precious people.” Liberty Counsel is a public Law firm and a news partner with the Wyoming News.

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