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Teton County Health Officer Travis Riddell, Issues Mask Mandate

On Friday, Teton County placed another mask mandate on the people citing COVID-19 on the rise. The mask mandate states that any county resident, workers and anyone visiting Teton County must wear a mask, whether in doors, and even if a person has or claims to have a covid vaccine shot, they also must wear a mask.

But if the covid-19 shots are working, why does Teton County insist that every one wears a mask? Could it be that the shots and boosters really don’t work? Or is this just another political attempt to control the masses in Teton County by a Democrat Public Health Official?

In the Public Health Order #21.5 the mandate states that you must wear a mask in most public buildings regardless of the six feet distancing.

In bars and restaurants customers are required to wear a mask until sitting at their seats. The Mandate also says that any business must display mask signage that requires

customers entering to wear a mask.

This Mandate came about by the Teton District Health Officer, Travis Riddell and the Wyoming Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist, after hearing public comment. The health order is to run until September 4 2021.

In the Wyoming Statute, any County health Officer can only place a mandate for only 10 days. After that, it takes elected officials to ratify a longer mask mandate, or any mandates for that matter.

The Wyoming Governor, Mark Gordon, has refused to issue a statewide mask mandate but has allowed County governments and schools to make those local decisions. But any business can not require vaccine mandates for any reason to anybody.

The mask mandate is impossible to enforce and law enforcement cannot enforce, nor have the authority to enforce a person to wear a mask, for any reason. The Teton County Sheriff Matt Carr knows that he can not issue citations for people not wearing a mask because the mandate clearly states, ” A person is not required to provide any documentation demonstrating that the person cannot wear a face covering for any medical condition, mental health condition or disability.” the order stated.

On Monday, August, 2021 commissioners and city council will vote whether to extend the mask mandate beyond Sept 4, 2021.

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