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Just In Case Your Wondering What Las Vegas Is Up To Now

Well, first it was against the law. Now you can have it in spa form.

My how the world is changing. Except every state is different.

In some it is still not legal.

Next you will be able to have it home delivered by amazon drone delivery.

On your credit card with deferred payments.

All pre-approved by Dr. Fouche.

Soon Colleges and Universities will offer Master’s Degrees in business schools on how to be

an entrepreneur in this field.

After leaving the lounge you will be delivered to the voting lounge where all your choices will have been filled in for you on the next year’s elections.


The new vogue thing that some marijuana companies are creating are open consumption lounges for cannabis. In Nevada, a new state law will allow the serving of Cannabis to tourists who visit Las Vegas. As of now, the cannabis product consumption products

are, illegal to consume in public. Soon that may all change.

Currently private individuals can consume cannabis in their homes in private, but the Vegas tourist were not allowed to consume cannabis legally.

According to Layke Martin, executive director for the Nevada, Dispensary Association.

“You weren’t legally allowed to consume it in public. but the Lounges will be a space where cannabis products can be consumed legally.”

What will they think of next, Only in Vegas!

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