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Powell Valley Health Care Center COVID Cases Are Breakout Cases

Questions arise why Park County registered as a hot spot with high numbers of COVID cases. Could it be that the Powell Valley Care Center has 11-13 cases of COVID infections.

One wonders why those numbers are so high?

The answer just might be that the Powell Valley Care Center residents, according to the Powell Valley Health Care Center, have 89 to 90% of their residents, vaccinated.

Now the numbers make more sense.

The 11 – 13 current COVID infections at the Center are actually breakthrough cases, individuals who received the vaccine jab prior. This would lead one to understand that getting the COVID shot could cause a person to get sick at a later date.

The CDC data show risks are 85% higher than if a person is un-vaccinated.

Fortunately, none of the residents infected with COVID are having any serious complications with the virus. On the negative side, could it be that getting a COVID shot places a person in a high susceptibility of contracting COVID commonly called a breakthrough case?

It certainly looks that way.

This leads the public to question if the numbers that the Cody Hospital are reporting are actually breakthrough cases too?

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