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Cody Resident Sends Very Serious Letter To Wy Senator Barrasso

September 26, 2021
Dear Senator Barrasso,

You are a physician, why are you not shouting from the mountaintop?

Our hospitals around the country have for their frontline priority protocol administering a drug
whose main caution is that it causes renal failure and liver damage.

They offer no other option.

What are most people dying from in US hospitals; renal failure. WHY?

If you have a bladder infection, or an autoimmune issue, or a stressed liver the guide on this

So why are hospitals and critical care units doing just that?

Please say something.

My mother was admitted last month with Covid and a UTI and this is what they did to her. She soon died of renal failure but the physician listed Covid pneumonia.

Another friend admitted to the hospital last month because of her severe bladder infection,
tested positive for Covid even though she was asymptomatic, was administered
this drug and died of renal failure almost immediately.

Our dear radio host in Cody, Darian Dudrick also died of renal failure this past week.
I know of too many instances where this is true.

Please does the Hippocratic Oath no longer mean anything?

Does big Pharma really own our US Congress and the healthcare system?

Are you complicit with the globalists to kill off most of the world population?

Yes, I am grieving. I am extremely angry as well. Mostly since evil is being allowed to exist
because ‘good Men’ are doing nothing.

No one is questioning the wrong doing or ineptitude in our country at its upper levels, nor
holding accountable those committing wrong doing.

No one is rallying up our leaders to use common sense and righteousness to value their

No one is using our founding morals based on God as a guide.
No one is ‘doing’ anything.

As my Senator and representative in the US Congress, I am begging you to say something, do something before our country is beyond help.

There are still, I truly believe more good people out there than bad in our great country, but in D.C., this appears not to be the case. As a God fearing man and as a physician please make public discord to address this horrible practice being conduced around our country.

God be with you and yours,
Robin Berry, Cody Wy

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