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Liz Cheney’s Political Panties Full Of POOP!

Cheney, better known as Wyoming’s Scum bag, claims that she will get criminal contempt charges against anyone who does not come to testify against President Donald J. Trump, Cheney asserted on national TV.

The disgraced Wyoming Rep Liz Cheney has been a critic of President Donald J. Trump and got herself on the House panel’s Vice chair position. Disgraced Cheney hanging on to her position in Congress has stated that she will enforce any subpoenas to make them testify against President Donald J. Trump.

Cheney sits on the Select Committee that is investigating the Jan 6, incident and the panel has issued about 22 subpoenas to former White House staff, Former Defense Department Official Kashyap and Stephen Bannon who was a former adviser to President Trump. The Subpoena net also has listed Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Daniel Scavion and Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff. This is just a few of the subpoena’s Cheney says she will enforce.

Disgraced Wyoming Rep Liz Cheney, better known in Wyoming to her constituents as the “Scum bag bitch from Wyoming.” stated that “we will see if the subpoenas are complied with, if not we will move to file criminal contempt charges.”

Cheney is an idiot, plan and simple. FACT: Of the 570 individuals arrested for the Jan 6, 2020 Capitol incident, only 170 were charged with assaulting and or impeding law enforcement. They charged NONE of the 570 individuals with insurrection.

Cheney, your constituents hate you in Wyoming. Stay-away!

You’re not welcome anywhere in Wyoming!

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