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Illinois Federal Court Issues Restraining Order RE: Vax Mandates

The committee to elect Rex Rammell Governor of Wyoming is officially announcing his campaign with the website www.rammellforgovernor2022.com and releases the following press statement:

Wyoming continues to struggle with multiple issues, but none greater than the lack of leadership provided by Governor Gordon. Wyoming leads the nation in Covid 19 deaths per capita and has the second lowest vaccination rate in the United States. A special legislative session to protect Wyoming citizens from unconstitutional mandates by the federal government is currently meeting. Governor Gordon released the following statement at the beginning of the session

“It has been hard to stomach the increasingly aggressive license the Biden administration has taken over the past few months to extend the federal government’s overreach into our lives,” Gordon’s letter stated. “This temerity is offensive to me, to you, to Wyoming citizens and to the Constitution that enumerates our rights. It must be stopped.”

The hypocrisy of Governor Gordon has no bounds! It wasn’t long ago in the beginning of the pandemic, Governor Gordon gave authority to and stood behind mask mandates and illegal business shutdowns. Now he is the town crier for constitutional freedom.

For the record, Rex Rammell is pro vaccination and anti mandate. He is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and believes in vaccines. He is urging that all eligible citizens in Wyoming be vaccinated by choice. The risk of death is much greater than the risk of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Fight the mandates, but get vaccinated.

Dr. Rammell will be on a “get vaccinated” tour of the state of Wyoming the week of November 1st.

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