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Cody Regional Health Don’t Care About Employees Or PatientsJust $

Cody Regional Health has made it very clear to the public that they would rather sell their soul to the socialist WOKE Democrats, federal money than to protect the constitutional rights of their own employees.

The hospital worries that they could lose over 70% of its income if they do not force their employees to comply with the mask and Vax mandates. The Cody Regional Health Hospital even issued a written statement that since the feds under the mandates that were issued by Joe Biden, all healthcare providers must be vaccinated, no later than January 2022.

In the statement it states, “The impact to Cody regional Health if we do not comply means being disqualified from participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs which accounts for nearly 70% of the hospital’s reimbursement. CRH could not sustain our current services or operate without Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.” Doug McMillan, who is the CEO of the Cody Regional Health Hospital in Cody, Wyoming, made this statement.

How sad, the Cody Regional Health has put Federal dollars above all employees. Basically, they are sending the message to employees: “GO TO HELL, MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU, WHOM ARE JUST AN EMPLOYEE.”

A sound response to this action by the hospital came from many in the public, who held a protest standing up for the Cody Regional Health employees. Based on this interpretation that the Cody Regional Hospital sent to employees and the public, they probably don’t give a dam about patients either, just fork over the federal dollars first. You, the employee, and patients, come last.

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