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Wyoming People, Help Wyoming People: Clark WY

In Wyoming, when it comes right down to it, Wyoming people help Wyoming people when in need. Regardless of one’s color, political affiliation, and or financial status. After all Wyoming, history is full of families helping families.

The towns of Clark, Cody, Powell and Ralston Wyoming, came to the aid of the people in Clark, Wyoming.

Solid communities translate into good people. And this is what Park County residents are, good people.

Generosity is a straightforward thing considering the COVID-19 and the Joe Biden Democrat horrid economics.

Yet even when high winds blew, wind gusts at speeds of 80 to 100 mph. Park County Residents showed love and kindness despite the tragic incident that occurred on that windy Monday night.

These winds brought down power lines of which sparked a wildfire just outside of Clark, Wyoming. The wild fire spread quickly and burned up to 400 to 500 acres. Tragedy struck the little community of Clark Wyoming when one of their own, Cindy Ruth, 61-year-old, succumbed to the fire. Authorities have told the Wyoming News that she died of smoke inhalation.

The fire burned down at least 10 buildings. Some properties had no insurance, so a total loss that adds insult to injury. The Cody Regional Health even stepped up amid their forced, COVID SHOT issues, and provided a temporary home for the flowers family. The Cody Regional Health traveling Doctors use the housing when they come to Cody, Wyoming.

Support is coming in both in material support and financial support to the families who lost everything. The sudden devastation happened so fast, that one moment you’re ok and then the next moment your running for your life. This took place in Clark, Wyoming.

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